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Pictory Launches an AI-Powered Strategic Video Marketing Product


Pictory, a powerful AI software tool enabling users to easily create and edit high-quality branded videos, is now being made available to marketers for the first time.

The emergence of Pictory and its suite of advanced features is promising to change the video marketing industry by significantly lowering costs, decreasing production times, and allowing content creators to produce high-quality, professional videos by repurposing other content.

Developed by entrepreneurs, engineering innovators and marketers since 2019, Pictory has its sights set on helping marketers capitalise upon content languishing in their archives by repurposing it into engaging videos for sharing on social media and other marketing channels.

Pictory is already popular with YouTubers, bloggers, and coaches, and is now being launched for marketers and agencies with the goal of making video in digital marketing a standard practice across sectors.

Whether this means editing and captioning webinar recordings or creating videos from blog articles, adding video to Google Ads campaigns, or simply uploading videos to social media platforms regularly, video marketing has become a central component of online campaigns and can yield outstanding ROI.

A Cisco whitepaper found that in 2022, as much as 82% of global internet traffic will be video-based.

With the human brain wired to process visual information more quickly, tools like Pictory make video an extremely powerful promotional medium.

When organisations embrace visual storytelling within their digital marketing strategies, they’re able to communicate with their audiences on deeper levels, and create a lasting impact which complements the work done by written content.

Consequently, users report far higher engagement, and business leaders see a dramatic increase in conversion rates compared to other forms of content.

Pete Bennett, Head Of Growth at Pictory, commented, “Video content is easy to consume and boosts interest and engagement. Our platform helps people get their message out in video form quickly and easily without having to learn complicated software or spend a fortune on production.”

Before Pictory, creating marketing videos was often prohibitively expensive and time-consuming. Companies would have to invest in unwieldy video production tools, and train staff to use complicated desktop editors.

But Pictory’s AI-powered engine enables individuals and companies alike to create professionally-rendered, high-quality videos in just minutes.

The results come complete with voiceovers, music, and templates – along with the other hallmarks of top-tier videography you’d expect to see – starting at $19 a month with a free trial. This groundbreaking tool is available to marketers and agencies worldwide today.

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