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Pixalate Releases Connected TV (CTV) Publisher Rankings

Pixalate's Publisher Trust Indexes (PTIs) give advertisers a full picture of the quality of app inventory across multiple platforms, regions, and categories: SlingTV, CBS News among leaders in September 2022

Pixalate, the market-leading fraud protection, privacy, and compliance analytics platform for Connected TV (CTV) and Mobile Advertising, today released the September 2022 Publisher Trust Index (PTI), a global approach to quality measurement and monthly rankings of the world’s mobile and Connected TV (CTV) apps, bringing transparency to the programmatic advertising ecosystem.

Pixalate’s monthly PTI report provides a perspective regarding the quality of CTV apps that support programmatic advertising with rankings broken down by region, country, category, and app store. The assessment is based on various factors including invalid traffic (IVT), popularity, ad density, and engagement scores.

Key Findings:
  • Sling TV on Roku ranks #1 in September for North America, CBS News in #2 spot
  • Hulu drops down to the #3 Roku slot this month with a lower IVT score of 87.
  • Fire TV ranks Frndly TV app #1 in September for North America, Discovery in the #2 spot
  • Hulu remains in the top 3 on Fire TV North America, dropped from the top spot last month (August 2022).
  • DIRECTV drops to #6 from third place last month on Fire TV
ROKU North America, September 2022: Rank, App Name, and PTI “Final Score”
  1. Sling TV: 99 (A)
  2. CBS News: 99 (A)
  3. Hulu: 99 (A)
  4. Bloomberg: 99 (A)
  5. TV Classics: 99 (A)
  6. Frndly TV: 99 (A)
  7. ViX: Cine y TV Gratis en Español: 99 (A)
  8. HappyKids: 99 (A)
  9. Tubi: 99 (A)
  10. DIRECTV STREAM: 99 (A)

For more information on the Roku App list, please visit here.

FireTV North America, September 2022: Rank, App Name, and PTI “Final Score”
  1. Frndly TV: 99 (A)
  2. discovery+ : 99 (A)
  3. Hulu: 98 (A)
  4. Sling TVS: 98 (A)
  5. Pluto TV:  97 (A)
  6. DIRECTV : 97 (A)
  7. HGTV GO: 96 (A)
  8. ABC: Watch TV, Sports & Shows: 96 (A)
  9. CBC Gem: 96 (A)
  10. fuboTV: 96 (A)

For more information on the Fire TV App list, please visit here.

For Pixalate’s full report methodology, including a comprehensive list of metrics analyzed, visit here.

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