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Pixalate’s Delisted CTV Apps Report

New research into the Connected TV (CTV) app ecosystem across Roku and Amazon Fire TV reveals nearly 2,300 apps have been removed from the app stores so far in 2023

Pixalate, the market-leading fraud protection, privacy, and compliance analytics platform for Connected TV (CTV) and Mobile Advertising, today released the Q2 2023 Delisted CTV Apps Report, which provides a global analysis of delisted apps across the Roku and Amazon Fire TV app stores. No apps were delisted from Samsung’s Smart TV app store in Q2 2023.

This report examines characteristics of delisted Roku and Amazon Fire TV apps, including the most popular delisted apps, the most popular delisted app developers, app delistings by category, open programmatic advertising trends on delisted apps, and more.

Delisted apps can pose significant risks to consumer privacy and the quality of the app ecosystem. While removing apps from a store can prevent future downloads, such apps often remain installed on users’ devices and continue to collect personal information. Pixalate benchmarks this important metric because advertising revenue directed to these apps can incentivize and perpetuate privacy risks.

Key Findings

  • 2.3k delisted apps across Roku and Amazon Fire TV in H1 2023 – but only 254 in Q2 2023 specifically
  • 44% YoY increase from H1 2022 in the number of apps delisted from Roku, while the number of apps delisted from Amazon Fire TV decreased 45% YoY
  • $3.9MM+ estimated open programmatic ad spend on delisted CTV apps in H1 2023 – down 30% YoY but up 18% from H2 2022

What’s inside the report

Pixalate’s Q2 2023 Delisted CTV Apps Report includes:

  • CTV Open Programmatic Advertising Spend Analysis
  • Roku vs. Amazon Fire TV Analysis
  • App Category Analysis
  • Developer & Top App Analysis

Click here to download a copy of Pixalate’s Q2 2023 Delisted CTV Apps Report, free of charge. You will also receive a list of the top 50 most popular delisted Roku apps with advertising (based on the presence of an app-ads.txt file) and a list of all delisted Amazon Fire TV apps with advertising.

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