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Pixalate’s Q2 2023 Web Seller Trust Index

Yahoo was the No. 1-ranked SSP on both the Web Seller Trust Index - non-U.S. and the Web Seller Trust Index - U.S. in Q2 2023

Pixalate, the global market-leading fraud protection, privacy, and compliance analytics platform for Connected TV (CTV) and Mobile Advertising, today released the Q2 2023 Web Seller Trust Indexes, the comprehensive global seller quality ratings and rankings for programmatic advertising sold across desktop and mobile web.

Pixalate’s Seller Trust Indexes are the worldwide standards in programmatic advertising quality ratings. The indexes evaluate and rank the quality and integrity of key sellers in the programmatic supply chain across channels, platforms, and devices. Web STI rankings are based on a variety of seller factors, including invalid traffic (IVT), ads.txt transparency, viewability, and more.

Pixalate’s other indexes include the CTV Seller Trust Index for global Connected TV advertising and the Mobile Seller Trust Index for global mobile in-app advertising. See the full suite of Pixalate’s Seller Trust Indexes.

The Top SSPs for Programmatic Advertising Across Mobile Web & Desktop in Q2 2023

Here are the top five sellers of programmatic desktop/mobile web advertising inventory based on overall quality in Q2 2023.


  1. Yahoo — Final Score: 92 (A)
  2. Sharethrough — Final Score: 91 (A)
  3. Sovrn — Final Score: 90 (A)
  4. Index Exchange — Final Score: 90 (A)
  5. Google AdExchange — Final Score: 88 (A)

Yahoo has been on a steady rise up the leaderboard for the Web Seller Trust Index – U.S., going from No. 14 in Q3 2022, to No. 4 in Q4 2022, No. 3 in Q1 2023, and finally No. 1 this quarter.

Pixalate’s Web Seller Trust Index – USA has the full rankings (30 SSPs ranked in Q2 2023).

International (non-U.S.)

  1. Yahoo — Final Score: 94 (A)
  2. Google AdExchange — Final Score: 94 (A)
  3. OpenX — Final Score: 91 (A)
  4. Xandr Monetize — Final Score: 89 (A)
  5. Magnite — Final Score: 89 (A)

This marks the first time that Google AdExchange has not held the No. 1 position in the Web Seller Trust Index – International since Q1 2021.

Pixalate’s Web Seller Trust Index – non-U.S. has the full rankings (48 SSPs ranked in Q2 2023).

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