planetRE Announces AI Intellectual Assistant within Socialite CRM

First CRM platform featuring cutting-edge AI, NLP and neural computation

planetRE, the nation’s leading enterprise cloud vendor, today announced new CRM capabilities integrating cutting edge AI and Neural network technology to enhance productivity and creativity for marketers.

he new feature called AI Intellectual Assistantä allows users to generate contents on any topics, create realistic art and imagery prescribed via short natural language phrases and transform any loaded picture using a library of AI transformations – all with full user control for automated email, text and predictive marketing campaigns. Topics for contents can be graded on a scale from full match to suggestive contents.

Many marketers’ experience the “creativity block” – after a point topics, contents and campaigns look mundane reducing client engagement and low ROI. The new AI Assistant can spring up enthusiasm for both creator and the customer for increased engagement with delightful new contents that harnesses the power of AI and neural network learning.

“Humans have worked hard for a long time. It is time machines do the heavy lifting from here on” said Subrao Shenoy, CEO of planetRE. “The new capabilities of planetRE CRM using creative AI for contents, art and imagery enhances the marketers productivity and a new competitive advantage”.

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