PowerReviews Industry’s First Product-Specific Insights Solution

Company's new Intelligence Engine fuels analytics solutions and reveals emerging opportunities for brands based on their consumer reviews

PowerReviews, a global technology leader in reviews and user-generated content to more than 1,000 global brands and retailers, today announced the introduction of Product Pulse, the industry’s first advanced-analytics solution providing brands with actionable product-specific insights, based on strengths, opportunities for improvement and areas of differentiation.

PowerReviews has been on a mission for the last three years to bring clients more actionable insights, leveraging the robust volume of consumer reviews captured each day. Powered by the company’s new Intelligence Engine, clients can now drive consumer-centric innovation at scale with quantified, unbiased insights across merchandising, product and marketing quickly and easily.

The Intelligence Engine, which leverages advanced natural language processing and sentiment analysis, has evaluated over 40 million consumer reviews thus far, revealing more than 2 million unique topics that consumers care about. This rich data, visualized through the intuitively designed Product Pulse, provides brands with new insights into how products are resonating in the market as well as where new opportunities exist.

“As competition increases, it’s never been more important for brands to deliver the right products, with the right messaging, at the right time and place,” said Sara Rossio, Chief Product Officer at PowerReviews. “For the first time, brands can quickly get trusted, unbiased insights from consumer feedback to shape more informed strategies across their organizations.”

“Product Pulse is a powerful tool for ecommerce professionals looking to build and sell better products,” said Paul Markovic, Ecommerce Director at Milk Makeup. “The intuitive visualizations and straight-forward design make analyzing customer sentiment easy–not only saving valuable analysis time but also bringing important data to my decision making.”

Leverage PowerReviews’ Product Pulse to:

  • Make More Informed Product Decisions: Uncover product-specific insights and trends quickly to prove intuitions for new product releases, merchandise performance, category planning, depth and promotion. Generate buy-in and confidence in every product decision made across your organization.
  • Enhance Messaging & Packaging: Leverage the insights gleaned from review data to enhance messaging, physical packaging and address customer questions, ultimately improving traffic, sales and customer satisfaction.
  • Get Key Insights Faster & More Efficiently: Save resource-intensive analysis time with reports that surface key insights visualized in a straight-forward design. Efficiently share fully packaged and synthesized reports across product, marketing and operations teams to increase customer understanding and make game-changing improvements across the business.
  • Track Consumer Feedback, Sentiment & Trends: Understand why products win, lose and how they are differentiated in the market. Surface key topics, words and terms immediately, and track sentiment trends over time to understand the impact of every product and marketing decision you make.

Product Pulse is the first of many new PowerReviews analytics solutions leveraging consumer reviews as a source of feedback. Clients can expect more innovative solutions which holistically evaluate brands and industries in comprehensive and insightful ways.

About PowerReviews
PowerReviews works with more than 1,000 global brands and retailers to collect and syndicate user-generated content and feedback such as reviews, Q&A, images, video and more. Content is syndicated across The PowerReviews Open Network reaching more than one billion in-market shoppers every month at the right time and place. User-generated content gives shoppers confidence to make purchases and delivers actionable insights to brands and retailers to drive more traffic, increase sales and improve products and services. To learn more, visit

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