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PR Newswire rolls out Press Release Social Sharing Product

PR Newswire

PR Newswire, the industry leader in press release distribution, announces the launch of SocialBoost, a new social media tool designed to revolutionize social sharing of press releases. This innovative offering, powered by SoSha, allows organizations to craft social media posts for end users to easily share on their social media channels – boosting organic social engagement ten- to one hundredfold.

This social sharing tool is a vast improvement from traditional social sharing buttons and reposting functionalities as it provides a way to share multiple pre-written post suggestions and images tailored for major social platforms such as X (formerly known as Twitter), Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and WhatsApp. More than half (60%) of consumers express a desire for brands to offer direction on the type of content they should create and share.1 With PR Newswire’s SocialBoost product, marketing and PR professionals can easily craft social content for consumers, increasing the likelihood of social shares.

“Our north star at SoSha is to develop technology that helps organizations harness the power of organic social engagement as an effective alternative to paid digital ads. SoSha’s partnership with PR Newswire to launch SocialBoost delivers a powerful solution, carefully designed to meet the specific needs of public relations professionals,” said Tudor Mihailescu, Co-Founder and CEO at SoSha.

Along with increased social shares, clients will now gain access to enhanced social sharing data such as unique visitors, total clicks, total clicks and shares by social platform.

“PR Newswire is committed to continuously delivering market-leading solutions to our clients,” said Nicole Guillot, Cision COO and President of PR Newswire (PRN). “The addition of SocialBoost will enable our clients to readily amplify their story by empowering their audience to easily share their message through social media. PRN is the only provider that helps our clients amplify their brand stories on earned, owned, paid and now social channels. This solution ensures our customers’ stories are present everywhere to their stakeholders and influencers via all available channels to maximize their media opportunities. You will only get this level of visibility working with PRN, and we fully report on measurable and actionable results.”

The Benefits of SocialBoost

According to Stackla, user-generated content (UGC) influences 79% of purchasing decisions. With SocialBoost for press releases, brands can now take control of their narrative on social media and easily garner user-generated content. One Fortune 50 customer reported increased social sharing on their press releases by 1900% and press release visits by 30% when using SocialBoost. With SocialBoost, brands can:

  • Boost Visibility and Engagement: Expand brand visibility, reach new audiences on social media, and drive traffic back to press releases. The SocialBoost widget ensures maximum exposure, appearing on 90% of downstream sites.
  • Effortless Sharing Experience: Provide a user-friendly sharing experience by enabling direct sharing from press releases with pre-written post suggestions for each platform. Audiences no longer have to craft their own content or share personal credentials with a third-party platform.
  • Amplify Organic Sharing: With the sharing experience made effortless, organic sharing increases with the potential to gain 100 times higher social engagement.
  • Control the Narrative: Ensure consistent and reliable sharing of their message across social media platforms by offering easy-to-share, pre-written social post suggestions. This better enables brands to take charge of their organization’s story and reputation.

“SocialBoost is a game changer for the news release.” said Danny Selnick, a SoSha advisor and 35-year veteran of the newswire industry. “This innovative technology is a must-have for communicators who understand the need for and the power of social media engagement, and SocialBoost makes it amazingly easy to do and with results to show.”

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