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Prelude unveils Prelude Offline


Prelude is proud to announce the release of Prelude Offline, a mobile app that enables researchers to collect compliant data electronically in areas with limited to no internet connection and subsequently sync the data to Prelude’s EDC when an internet connection is re-established. The Offline solution eliminates the need for paper forms and offers site staff real-time feedback during data collection in remote locations.

Prelude Offline addresses the challenges faced by researchers conducting farm animal (e.g., swine, beef and dairy cattle, poultry, etc.), wildlife, GLP and Non-GLP studies when stable internet access is unavailable – challenges include data entry errors, manual transcription, and paper management. When synced, electronically collected data within Offline is seamlessly entered into Prelude’s Electronic Data Capture (EDC) system when connectivity is re-established.

Key Features and Benefits include:

  • Offline Data Collection: Enter data on a mobile device in areas with limited to no internet connectivity; and sync to Prelude EDC for data review once a connection is available.
  • High Quality Data: Prelude Offline supports basic edit checks, enabling researchers to specify required fields and flag values outside acceptable parameters.
  • Audit Trail: The app captures a comprehensive audit trail that records the time of data entry and the time of sync.
  • Seamless Integration with EDC: Prelude Offline seamlessly integrates with Prelude’s Electronic Data Capture (EDC) system, allowing researchers to leverage the full power of the EDC platform while benefiting from offline data entry capabilities.

Prelude Offline is available for installation on Android and iOS devices and laptops.

“We are excited to introduce Prelude Offline, a solution that enables researchers to capture and manage data seamlessly, regardless of location or internet connectivity. This app will help our agriculture and veterinary health partners maintain data management compliance under any conditions,” said Tommy Jackson, CEO at Prelude.

“I’m excited for our friends in Animal Health to finally see what we’ve been working on for these past few months!” says Alex Peters, Product Manager of Offline. “As a former researcher, I know firsthand the inconvenience that comes from needing to block out a whole afternoon every week (if you’re lucky) for transcription and the review of the transcribed data. I hope people are as excited as I am that they may never need to do that again.”

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