Premise Data Poised to Double in Size Moves into Downtown Washington DC

Data and analytics platform

Data and analytics platform Premise Data announced today it will nearly double its employee roster by the end of the year. To accommodate the growth, Washington, D.C.-based staff will move from their offices in Arlington, Va. to new offices in Downtown D.C.

“Demand for our platform is growing rapidly worldwide. Our developers and operational staff are among the best in the field. Now we are working to expand our capacity to inform our clients on day-to-day trends in real-time, in any region,” said CEO Maury Blackman. “We’re harnessing data in a way that adds value for our customers and our contributors.”

Premise’s global contributor network is growing quickly — there are now more than one million Premise users in more than 70 countries. Premise is also building a contributor network in North America. “Our retail customers have been asking for a network in the U.S. and Canada and we now have the bandwidth to do it,” said Blackman.

Premise empowers decision makers with real-time, actionable intelligence by paying contributors to complete tasks — a task typically includes taking pictures or answering questions using a smartphone. The data is used to make decisions about everything from product distribution to public health initiatives.

Premise is on pace to process more than 100 million submissions in 2019 with more than 150,000 active monthly users averaging more than 100,000 accepted submissions daily. Several marquis venture capital funds believe in Premise’s mission, including Valor Equity Partners, Tao Capital, Communitas Capital, 8VC, Atreides Management and Hanover Technology Partners.

Premise works on a range of industry and development projects with private and public partners. Premise Data is headquartered in San Francisco. For more information, visit

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