Press Hook Launches Free AI-Powered Media Pitch Generator

New tool powered by OpenAI’s GPT-3 language technology will enable small businesses and PR professionals to generate high-quality, editable media pitches within seconds
Press Hook

Press Hook, a tech-enabled media relations platform, has announced the launch of a new free-to-use AI-powered pitch generator. The generator, which leverages OpenAI’s GPT-3 language processing technology, will allow businesses and PR professionals to generate editable, media-ready pitches within seconds.

News of the launch comes just weeks after Press Hook released its press release generator, also powered by similar AI technology.

The free pitch generator tool uses artificial intelligence and autoregressive language processing models to create formatted, human-like text that is pitch-ready. Users will simply need to enter a few details into a simple form, including descriptions of the product, service, or story they are pitching, and the generator will instantly turn those answers into an engaging pitch ready to send to journalists and content creators.

The tool is powered by GPT-3, a state-of-the-art language processing AI model developed by OpenAI. The model is capable of replicating human-written copy, and is used widely in language translation, language modeling, and generating text for other applications such as chatbots and automatic email responses.

This is just the latest in a series of automated tools for users on the platform, which is designed to help brands and agencies streamline and refine their media outreach capabilities. In January 2023, the company also launched a press release generator that operates in a similar way, allowing users to create compelling and engaging press releases at the click of a button.

“Journalists dread receiving cold pitches that are not relevant to their beat,” comments Michelle Songy, CEO and Founder of Press Hook. “We addressed a pain point for journalists and PR professionals alike by helping get well written pitches into the hands of the right media contacts. Our tool takes the guesswork out of writing a meaningful pitch by helping brands and PR professionals generate their pitches with the structure, style and content they need to be successful. We help with every step of the pitching process from identifying an interesting, newsworthy pitch angle, to drafting the pitch itself, personalizing it to a specific target, and finding relevant contacts to send it to. Our focus is on quality, not quantity – and definitely no blast pitching – to ensure the results are meaningful. Our tools are a resource to help educate brands and PR professionals so they can engage with media in a purposeful way, which leads to better results.”

Press Hook is a two-way media relations platform that invites anyone from startups to publicists to pitch newsworthy stories, such as announcements and product launches, to an audience of relevant journalists and writers ready to create content. Users can create press kits, press releases and other relevant materials, making it easier for journalists to source stories and create content relevant to their readership.

The platform launched in 2020, and facilitated more than 5000 media placements in 2022 for its growing user base.

The free online pitch generator tool is now available to use at:

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