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Programmatic Advertising Leader ucfunnel Adopts Unified ID 2.0

ucfunnel joins advertising leaders to help solve for future of identity
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ucfunnel, a leading Smart Media programmatic solution provider, has announced that they have adopted Unified ID 2.0, a new collaborative, industry-wide approach to internet identity. Initially developed by The Trade Desk, Unified ID 2.0 has been designed from the consumer’s perspective, with the goal of upgrading privacy and control for consumers, while preserving the value of relevant advertising. The new ID solution is an upgraded alternative to third-party cookies and will be open source.

Unified ID 2.0 has been submitted to IAB’s Tech Lab to allow the digital framework to be open source and has gained rapid adoption across the advertising ecosystem, among publishers, media buyers and technology providers.

Currently, ucfunnel partners with Smart TVs powered by MediaTek, including Express Luck, Caixun, RCA, SANSUI, Skyworth, Coocaa, Bella, and the leading CTV portal company NetRange. ucfunnel believes that Unified ID 2.0 will enhance the scope of dynamic advertising for marketers, accessing ad spaces on their Premium Streaming VoD content. Accompanied with ucfunnel’s validated Consent Management Platform (CMP) for CTV approved as TCF-compliant by the IAB Europe, the combination maximizes ucfunnel’s capability to offer a total solution that can lead to privacy-centric results and advanced ad performances.

“We are glad to be working with industry leaders to support the advancement and development of a new industry standard by supporting Unified ID 2.0. We believe the solution will drive more engagement, as well as upgrade and improve the connections between marketers and audiences in the entire ad ecosystem to ensure that marketers can contribute to the valuable user journey,” said Ryan Chou, Co-founder and COO at ucfunnel. “Working with leading global CTV and Smart TV partners, we will be able to leverage more global CTV content that audience love, while delivering relevant ads. Using Unified ID 2.0, publishers will have clearer insights into what content their users enjoy in order to offer better viewing experiences. Advanced quantifiable results can also be leveraged through our SSAI solution and customization capability. We look forward to continuing our stellar relationship with our publisher, reader and advertiser partners spanning the globe in the Smart Media ecosystem.”

“ucfunnel is our first regional SSP partner focused on Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea and Southeast Asia that supports Unified ID 2.0. We are delighted to partner with local industry leaders as the industry takes a step forward to the future of the open internet,” said Douglas Choy, Senior Director, Inventory Partnerships, The Trade Desk. “With ucfunnel supporting Unified ID 2.0, it represents the entire ecosystem coming together to work to create a better, more privacy-conscious internet across devices and platforms. We’re excited to see the ID scale and grow further.”

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