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Project Agora To Host Thought Leadership Event On Header Bidding

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Project Agora, one of the leading Media Technology companies in EMEA, is to host an online thought leadership event on November 30th, entitled “Where is Header Bidding?”. As the title implies, this publisher-oriented forum will be focusing on Header Bidding, the popular advanced programmatic advertising technique.

The event will feature talks from two top industry experts: Sebastien Noel, Deputy Director of Programmatic Activities, Ad Tech and Monetization at the prominent French publishing group M Publicitê; and Andrew Hayward-Wright, Programmatic Advisor at IAB Europe.

Andrew Hayward-Wright is recognized as a global expert in the operational deployment of ad technology, and will present insight into the latest trends in Header Bidding – followed by a Q&A. Sebastien Noel has deep experience working with Header Bidding, and will share his insights into the technique – discussing the impact industry changes have had on Le Monde and what he believes the future of Header Bidding will be.

The event will be moderated by Constantine Kamaras, Program Lead/Best Practices in Digital Publishing at the Online Publishers Association (OPA) Europe. His co-host will be Marilena Manatou, Customer Service Director at Project Agora. In just over an hour, the event promises to cover the past, present and future of this advanced programmatic technique.

“Header Bidding is something we are very passionate about at Project Agora, having seen first-hand how powerful the right application can be for our clients,” explains Marilena Manatou, Customer Service Director at Project Agora. “This event is designed to help publishers better understand the technique and the value it can create – as well as to debunk some common misconceptions.”

As with Project Agora’s other recent events, “Where is Header Bidding?” will be held entirely online. This enables publishers from across regions to attend, helping to further establish Project Agora as a thought leader in the field.

The event is to take place on November 30th, 4-5:15 (UTC +2)

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