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Prokeep Launches Game-Changing Customer Experience Solution


Prokeep, distribution’s leading communication and commerce platform that has enabled over 11 million conversations and $6 billion in revenue to distributors, has announced a suite of new features evolving the Prokeep solution into a fully integrated customer experience software. With the introduction of omnichannel communication via text, fax, email, web chat, and internal messaging as well as Prokeep Pay, CRM, and broadcast text promotions, Prokeep is continuing to pioneer distribution technology into a new era by turning communication into commerce.

Prokeep continues to grow in collaboration with distributors by working with customers to create new service offerings that are critical to driving more sales, building a better customer experience, and increasing workforce productivity and accountability.

Jack Carrere, Co-Founder and CEO of Prokeep, announced the feature launch, saying, “Prokeep was built to become ‘mission control’ for distributors so they get more work done and make more money — and today I’m proud to say we’re achieving that vision by enabling distributors to provide the best-in-class customer experience and turn communication into commerce through the next stage in Prokeep’s roadmap.”

The launch comes with three new product pillars taking Prokeep from a messaging app to a full-scale Customer Experience Management Software: centralized communication, which encompasses text, email, fax, internal messaging, and web chat all channeling into one shared workspace; connected technologies which allow Prokeep to integrate with 3rd party software like ERPs to enable messaging automation and data syncing; and insights and engagement which allow distributors to streamline payments, collect useful customer communication reporting, and send broadcast text promotions.

By incorporating all of these features into one, easy-to-use workspace Prokeep is actualizing its vision to centralize distributor operations by empowering teams to manage customer communication more effectively and pull more sales and marketing levers to increase revenue.

In speaking about one of the new Prokeep features, Prokeep Pay, COO and co-founder McKay Johnson said, “We saw a need for distributors to collect revenue faster and keep payment communication records in one platform, all without interrupting their sales process. That’s why we introduced Prokeep Pay — to empower teams to take, place, and collect on orders from one workspace, fast and easy.”

The dedication to empower distributors to build stronger customer relationships, get more work done, and make more money is the cornerstone in Prokeep’s mission to modernize distribution technology and sales operations. With its new solutions, the company is pioneering this vision and bringing distribution into a new era.

Prokeep has recently seen a surge of growth in usership as well as in hiring, following the latest efforts to grow its product offerings at scale and hiring national talents to get it done. This comes on the heels of Prokeep’s 2022 nine million dollar seed round and 50+ new hires, their latest addition being VP of Finance, Bradford Walker, formerly of LevelSet.

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