Public Relations Pros Launch DIY Press Release Service for Businesses

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Savvy business leaders recognize a proven way to become their customer’s go-to brand is to get media coverage for their positive company news. However, most of them find that grabbing headlines in newspapers, TV and radio about a new product, industry innovation, or event is more complicated than they imagined martech news. Now a pair of public relations professionals is making the process easy, or EZPZ to be exact, with a new press release template service appropriately named EZPZ Press Release.

“Tiny startups have skyrocketed to million-dollar superstardom after being featured in a prominent media outlet, but the more common scenario is a company desperately trying to get the attention of the media without success,” explains Alisa Picerno, co-founder of EZPZ Press Release. “We are providing creative press releases that anyone can quickly and easily customize to break through the competitive clutter.”

Picerno and partner Kathy Callahan developed the affordable fill-in-the-blank model in response to a changing marketplace. More business owners are eschewing the paid services of advertising and PR firms as they opt to do it themselves using social media platforms. They also balk at the price tag of a custom press release.

“It’s no secret that technology caused a seismic shift not only in the media industry, but in marketing and public relations as well,” says Callahan. “Businesses have the opportunity to reach their customers in more ways than ever before, but the conversational style of writing for social media does not translate to a properly formatted news article.”

Picerno notes that an AP-style press release is the number one tool of the trade that print, broadcast and digital newsrooms use to assign interviews and stories. Unfortunately, they receive hundreds of emails every day. An intriguing, activating, headline is key to capturing their attention in the first place, followed by a well-written news story. After decades of creating content for every industry from retail, to aerospace to healthcare, the team’s writing style has been consistently praised by journalists for making their jobs easier.

“We have been told our clear, concise and grammatically-correct copy focusing on what is newsworthy saves journalists from wasting precious time on editing and rewriting,” says Callahan. “News professionals will immediately disregard press releases that have misspellings or don’t quickly cover the who, what, where, when or why.”

Plus, a press release that is too self-promotional will be dismissed as advertising. The ultimate goal of a press release is to gain free publicity. Publicity is earned media, which means the content is worthy of valuable airtime or newsprint because it will appeal to the media outlet’s audience. According to Nielsen, earned media is the most trusted form of “advertising” for consumers because a company is not paying for the coverage.

EZPZ Press Release offers templates that cover newsworthy announcements for any business initiative, event or milestone, such as:

  • Business Grand Opening
  • Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
  • New Product or Service
  • Business Award or Industry Accolade
  • Business Expansion
  • New Employee Appointment
  • Seminar Series, Special Event or Fundraiser Announcement
  • Business Anniversary
  • Charitable Campaign Launch
  • Charitable Donation
  • Grant Recipient
  • New Construction/Groundbreaking and many more

What’s more, EZPZ Press Release is affordably priced at $149 per individual press release template and also offers a cost-effective membership plan with discounted templates, media engagement tips and other benefits for those wanting to keep their company name in the media spotlight all year long.

“We are excited about this new venture and hope to become the number one press release resource for everyone from entrepreneurs just starting out to large corporations with an entire marketing department,” adds Picerno.

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