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Purecars Launches Exclusive Spotify Advertising Program for Dealers


PureCars, the leading provider of digital marketing technology and services for automotive dealers, announced today the official launch of streaming audio advertising services through Spotify. As part of this strategic collaboration, Spotify Advertising is now available in PureCars’ product suite, making it simple for its clients across North America to reach Spotify’s engaged, young audience.

“Our collaboration with Spotify adds premier streaming audio advertising to our product suite,” said Stephane Ferri, CEO at PureCars. “Based on the success of our pilot program, we’re thrilled to expand the offering so dealers can leverage this highly effective channel in their advertising strategy. With 2023 set to bring a radical market shift versus the previous few years, we want to give dealers every advantage available in the market.”

Due to their massive reach, streaming audio platforms like Spotify have become an increasingly popular advertising channel. Spotify has over 456 million users in over 180 markets worldwide. This level of reach and engagement is a significant reason why dealers should be considering digital audio ads. In fact, Spotify’s recent Sonic Science research found that Spotify and digital audio are more immersive and engaging than digital video, social media, TV and radio due to its inherently personalized and interactive nature. This is good for listeners, advertisers, creators, and publishers.

“The growth in Spotify offers the perfect opportunity for dealers to have their messages heard, further refine their digital advertising strategy for today’s audience and grow their sales and service footprint,” said Lauren Donalson, Senior Vice President of Client Services at PureCars. “Spotify reaches more listeners than traditional broadcast radio in many major markets across the country. Its unique format brings additional reach to other media channels like TV, video streaming, and social media, which can greatly increase dealers’ chances of reaching more car shoppers.”

Streaming audio advertising with Spotify offers a powerful new way to reach potential vehicle buyers, even those in the consideration stage. In fact, listeners who hear auto ads on Spotify are 52% more likely to purchase the new vehicle being promoted.

“This collaboration underscores how Spotify is now widely known as the platform to be on to reach your target audience,” said Craig Weingarten, Category Development Officer for Auto at Spotify. “Companies from Wall Street to Main Street are seeing the positives of adding streaming audio to their media mix. From an automotive perspective, this partnership shows our deepening commitment to the industry at large and our belief that we can help new car dealers build their brand, reach in-market consumers and sell cars.”

Dealers are invited to visit PureCars at the 2023 NADA show in DallasJanuary 26-29, where they can meet a Spotify representative in-person and learn first-hand the benefits of streaming audio advertising. Special promotions will be available to dealers who enroll in Spotify advertising at the show.

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