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Qlik Introduces Connector Factory

Will Expand Qlik’s Existing Set of 250+ Connectors With 100 New Connectors for Qlik Cloud Data Integration in 2023

Qlik® today introduced Connector Factory, its strategy to continually expand access to and delivery of data from hundreds of SaaS applications and data sources to fuel ever-evolving enterprise cloud analytics and data integration needs. Qlik customers already benefit from over 250 existing connectors, and throughout 2023 will be able to enhance their analytics and data integration efforts with 100 new connectors for Qlik Cloud® Data Integration.

With over 400 databases and thousands of packaged and legacy applications on the market – all with ever-changing APIs – enterprise IT, analytics and data engineering teams are spending significant time and resources dealing with data complexity. Connector Factory’s dedicated R&D team utilizes unique technology to alleviate this burden by rapidly developing connectors for a wide range of the most used and strategic enterprise sources through standard APIs. This eliminates the need for one-off integrations while unlocking more data for better insights, delivering significant value across the entire data lifecycle. The initial delivery of new connectors for Qlik Cloud Data Integration is expected over the next two quarters and includes support for 30 of the most popular enterprise applications including NetSuite, Workday, SAP SuccessFactors, Salesforce, Epic, Cerner, OSIsoft, ADP, SAP Ariba and HubSpot.

“With the rapid proliferation of new databases and SaaS applications, it’s difficult for vendors to keep pace,” said Mike Leone, Principal Analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group. “Qlik is taking this challenge head on with the Connector Factory and I see it serving as a linchpin for data engineering and analytics teams to unlock and integrate any data needed to drive better insights and deliver greater business outcomes.”

Connector Factory is an evolution in Qlik’s continued focus on connecting and unlocking data from key enterprise sources for analysis and action. Qlik has a long and established track record of expertise in accessing and transforming data from complex enterprise applications such as SAP and mainframes for delivery into any cloud or analytics application, along with Qlik’s ability to provide application to application workflows through Qlik Application Automation. With Connector Factory, Qlik aims to provide universal connectivity to the expanding range of enterprise SaaS data applications and sources, creating additional value from real-time data delivery to cloud repositories, direct access for analytics, and taking direct action by linking to other applications.

“Seamlessly connecting and delivering data from a variety of sources and applications is an essential role data integration plays in modern enterprise data strategies,” said James Fisher, Chief Product Officer at Qlik. “With Connector Factory, we are doubling down on our proven ability to unlock key enterprise data sources like mainframes and SAP with expanded connectivity to the entire universe of sources and SaaS applications that are fueling enterprise data efforts in the cloud.”

Qlik will continue to deliver Qlik Cloud Data Integration connectors through Connector Factory over the course of the year, keeping pace with new sources towards the goal of creating universal connectivity for enterprises.

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