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Qualified Unveils Qualified GPT, Generative AI for Pipeline Cloud

New capabilities are designed to help B2B companies engage and convert website visitors at scale

Qualified, the pipeline generation platform for revenue teams that use Salesforce, today announced the launch of Qualified GPT. This new set of Generative AI product capabilities within Qualified are designed to help revenue teams have faster, smarter, higher-converting engagements with their most important website visitors.

Enterprise software has harnessed the power of predictive modeling and Predictive AI for years and is now on the cusp of another major AI transformation with ChatGPT. New Generative AI has the potential to disrupt the enterprise software industry for the better and help companies better scale their sales and marketing efforts, which is paramount in today’s economic climate.

“At Qualified, our core philosophy has always been to provide the most powerful approach to pipeline generation using a combination of people, data, and automation,” says Kraig Swensrud, Founder and CEO of Qualified. “With the rapid advancements in Generative AI, we will be able to provide even more robust automation to our customers, allowing them to scale their efforts, focus on their highest priority tasks, and ultimately crush their pipeline and revenue targets.”

By providing a range of generative text apps that can automate tasks such as engagement prompts, copywriting, messaging, and chatbots, Qualified GPT helps companies scale their sales and marketing efforts and keep their reps focused on only the highest priority tasks. As a result, companies achieve more conversions, a higher converting website, and, most importantly, more pipeline.

Qualified GPT enables faster and smarter engagements with these features:

Auto PounceAutomatically sends engagement prompts that serve as conversation starters for website visitors that meet ideal customer profiles, guaranteed to save sales rep time and increase conversions.

Auto Correct: Corrects misspellings, fixes grammar errors, and automatically proof-reads responses in conversations, helping sales reps deliver speedy, professional responses.

Auto Tune: Sales reps can automatically enhance their dialogue while in a conversation to sound more eloquent when speaking to potential buyers, helping every rep strike just the right tone with their important customers.

Auto Expand: Reps won’t waste time wordsmithing each response, because Qualified GPT can do that for them. With Auto Expand, they can turn shorthand notes or bulleted lists into well-crafted messages, encouraging rep efficiency.

Auto Suggest: Sales reps can access AI-powered recommended conversation responses to better be on-message, both educating reps and scaling efforts.

Auto Translate: A total game-changer for global companies, Auto Translate provides on-the-fly translation between languages, allowing you to have real-time conversations without a language barrier.

Auto Personalize: Qualified GPT goes beyond just conversations and automatically changes or recommends website text based on visitor data to drive the highest engagement and conversion.

Auto Summarize: Gives the summary and analysis on website visitor interactions–both conversations and website behavior–to provide sales reps with a succinct read out of Account activity to-date.

The power of Generative AI and Qualified GPT lies in its ability to leverage machine learning to constantly improve and adapt to the needs of its users. It is the latest innovation of the Pipeline Cloud and represents Qualified’s commitment to keeping its AI capabilities at the forefront of the industry. While there is no silver bullet for pipeline generation, Qualified GPT offers sales and marketing teams an unparalleled level of power, productivity, speed, and knowledge.

Qualified GPT will be available on limited release to a subset of Pipeline Cloud customers this spring. To sign up for the release visit this link and to learn more about Qualified GPT visit

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