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Ransomware in the Cloud Hot Topic at NY Cyber Security Conference

Business leaders fearing increased ransomware attacks look to NYC area cyber security expert to outline ransomware protection steps at critical conference session
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Carl Mazzanti, President and Co-founder of eMazzanti Technologies, a specialist in cybersecurity, will address the New York State Cyber Security Conference on the topic of Ransomware in the Cloud. His virtual presentation runs from 12:30 – 1:30 pmJune 8, 2021. Interested parties may register here.

Ransomware attacks continue at alarming rates because it’s profitable for cyber-criminals. Every business of every size is a target, even in the cloud, but small businesses are least prepared.

In his presentation, Mazzanti will discuss the essential facts about ransomware, including:

  • How ransomware attacks happen in the cloud
  • How cyber-criminals continue to get away with it
  • Costs to recover double for companies paying the ransom
  • How to protect your business for a small investment

White House Urges Stronger Business Ransomware Defense

As first reported on CNN, the White House issued an open letter Thursday to companies calling for greater urgency in preventing ransomware attacks following recent attacks by Russian hackers on key oil and food processing companies.

In the letter sent yesterday, the National Security Council’s top cyber official, Anne Neuberger, urges business leaders to take ransomware more seriously.

“The most important takeaway from the recent spate of ransomware attacks is that companies that view ransomware as a threat to their core business operations rather than a simple risk of data theft will react and recover more effectively,” Neuberger said, requesting that companies “immediately convene their leadership teams” to evaluate their exposure.

Partner with Ransomware Protection Experts

eMazzanti Technologies helps business leaders protect their customer information and business assets from ransomware attack. The company offers cybersecurity solutions featuring multi-layered protection with advanced malware detection and intrusion prevention.

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