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Rasa is a Premier Partner at Chatbot Summit ExCeL London 2023

Charting the course for a new era of conversational AI, Rasa is set to unveil its latest innovations around Generative AI and safely leveraging Large Language Models (LLMs) to build outstanding conversational experiences.

Rasa, a leader in Conversational AI technology, is pleased to announce its Premier Platinum partnership with Chatbot Summit for its 7th international edition of the event, taking place at the ICC ExCeL London on 11-12 October 2023.

Rasa is excited to join Chatbot Summit’s ecosystem and partner with Sunrize to help accelerate the adoption of Conversational & Generative AI together.

Rasa is at the forefront pioneering the way for next-level conversational AI assistants, enabling enterprises to create adaptive brand experiences for their customers by handling conversations fluently and with more resilience than ever before. Rasa is designed to provide you with the best of both worlds: superior dialogue management that remains firmly aligned with pre-defined business logic for maximum reliability and security, and at the same time offering maximum ease of use during the AI assistant building process. All this is possible by leveraging LLMs at the core of its platform so you can provide a truly elevated conversational customer experience.

Rasa’s CTO & Co-founder Dr. Alan Nichol and Chief Customer Officer, Patrick Viau, have invited Deutsche Telekom to join them on stage to talk about how Rasa is working with Telekom to create smart AI assistants and to share Rasa’s vision on the future of how generative AI is shaping customer interactions. Also, don’t miss another session with Dr. Alan Nichol on “The new Rasa Platform: Low-code and pro-code development of LLM-native, reliable assistants”.

“We are excited to be partnering with the Chatbot Summit at such a monumental time in the industry and to be unveiling Rasa’s game-changing product innovation at the event!” Patrick Viau, Chief Customer Officer

Stop by booth A600 to:

  • Hear more about Rasa’s big product announcement
  • Learn how Rasa helps you to create intuitive customer experiences
  • Share your thoughts, ask your questions, and meet with Rasa experts

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