ReadyReturns™ Hits New Milestone, Helping E-tailers Process More Than 10 Million Product Returns

ReadyReturns has set a new benchmark by helping streamline and automate the processing of more than 10 million ecommerce product returns.
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ReadyReturns™ – the preferred online product returns system for thousands of ecommerce retailers – set a new benchmark by helping streamline and automate the processing of more than 10 million product returns martech news.

ReadyReturns is part of the ReadyCloud Suite—a platform of connected ecommerce software solutions and apps that helps retailers build better relationships via an orders-based CRM, Growth Marketing tools, Tasks and Team Management, POS, Shipping and Returns, and much more martech.

“ReadyReturns currently powers the “Amazon-like” returns process for some of the web’s leading online retailers. It gives consumers confidence in their purchase to increases sales and second-chance opportunities,” commented Michael Lazar, an Executive at ReadyCloud. “As part of the UPS™ Customer Technology Program™ (CTP), qualifying retailers could get ReadyReturns added to their website for up to three years at full or partially subsidized pricing, if they qualify.”

Deliver a Better Consumer Experience
ReadyReturns works with the most popular online sales channels to give online retailers a way to offer a hassle-free and rules-based, “Amazon-like” product returns system for their online store. These include Shopify, Bigcommerce, Magento 1 & 2, WooCommerce, Square and more. New integrations are being added all the time.

ReadyReturns helps e-tailers not only make their return policy shine as a new sales conversion tool, but also helps improve their reconversion process as consumers revisit their website to process a return. In recent studies, 44% of second-chance sales occurred during the return process (when returns were hassle-free).

“If you’re selling online, you’re also processing returns,” Lazar added. “Now there’s a more efficient way to do this that minimizes human touches and improves accuracy. You’ll earn the retention of long-term customers and know what’s coming back before it arrives.”

ReadyReturns is rich in rules to automate the e-retailer’s ideal returns policy, even if that policy involves the customer paying for the return shipping. Time-tiered return dates, flexible return reasons and types like refunds, RMA, warranty, repair and store credit can all be managed within this system. Retailers can require a picture and can set rules based on product price, description, warehouse and more; it’s an open-ended rule system designed to mold to the retailer’s needs.

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About ReadyCloud Suite
ReadyCloud is an ecommerce Suite that does more than just CRM. It’s a Growth Marketing solution for online retailers that gives them a host of invaluable customer retention, marketing and relationship management tools that help supercharge loyalty and improve conversions. It’s the only ecommerce CRM with built-in Growth Marketing, Shipping, Returns and POS. Learn more at:

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