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Reality Interactive Launches New Retail Product Ordering Solution

AXSIS® Product Ordering Solution directly combats the challenges facing retailers around reduced staffing and increased theft, while improving the customer experience

Reality Interactive, a leading retail technology design firm today announced the launch of a revolutionary new product ordering solution; AXSIS®. This smart retail product ordering solution empowers businesses to streamline operations, increase sales, and satisfy customers with a convenient and secure shopping experience.

AXSIS includes a web-based app that allows users to scan a product QR code or RFID, browse items, see recommendations, and place orders. The client-side allows associates to accept the order, flag it for corrections, engage with customers to make changes to the order, and fulfill it. This solution also works for location specific QR codes, such as those used in restaurants to access digital menus and place food orders.

AXSIS allows customers to shop at their own pace, and avoid lines, increasing productivity for staff with fewer employees, and less overhead.

Businesses using AXSIS will decrease the potential of theft for high-value products by keeping them off the showroom floor. This also allows for out-of-stock items to be shipped directly to customers from a distribution center or another store location. AXSIS communicates complex product offerings with less specialized or minimal staff and easy updates of content and pricing on a store level.

AXSIS is a transformative digital technology that can immediately increase the path to purchase by matching the perfect product to every customer based on their unique needs and desires.

“AXSIS is a game-changer for retailers who want to increase productivity and sales, improve customer experience, and reduce the risk of theft in their stores,” said Jeremy Brazeal, Executive Creative Director, Reality Interactive. “It allows retailers to embrace digital technology and meet customers where they are, while also empowering them to shop the way they want to.”

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