Events, Meetings & Webinars announced the launch of Smart Meetings

After finding employees spend nearly 8% of their week rescheduling and managing meetings, creates a solution to reduce toil and improve productivity.

Today,, an AI calendar app for busy professionals, teams, and organizations, announced its latest release, Smart Meetings, a first-of-its-kind solution that automates meeting scheduling using machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Smart Meetings eliminates the pain of scheduling and rescheduling meetings by automatically considering everyone’s timezones, availability, and priorities, ensuring that remote, in-person, and hybrid companies can stay connected even across the most complex schedules. The launch comes after Reclaim found, within a proprietary study of 1,300 professionals, that the average professional spends 14.8 hours a week in meetings and up to 3 hours a week scheduling and rescheduling their meetings.

“What we’re seeing from our customers and users is that they’re hungrier than ever to collaborate with one another,” said Patrick Lightbody, Reclaim’s Co-Founder and CEO. “Recurring meetings are one of the best ways to keep those connections alive, build cross-functional relationships, and deliver better results. But scheduling is so often a barrier to entry here, and Smart Meetings makes it possible for companies to break that barrier down. We want people to focus on having high-quality interactions with one another, not on the hassle of managing calendars. Not only does this have a tremendous impact on productivity, it also impacts the bottom line – a company of 100 employees spends about $600,000 a year on this kind of time waste.”

The Smart Meetings launch comes at a time when internal meetings, the most common kind of recurring meeting at 12 times per week, are constantly being rescheduled or canceled. In Reclaim’s research, 82.5% of professionals reported having to do so at least once in the past year due to scheduling conflicts and packed calendars. The time to coordinate, reschedule, and manage these meetings costs employers an average of $5,914 per employee every year.

Smart Meetings introduces a number of powerful features to help teams get more productivity and flexibility out of their workweeks:

  • AI Auto-Scheduling: Teams can auto-schedule all their recurring meetings across any number of people, using advanced AI scheduling controls to optimize times.
  • Real-Time Rescheduling: When conflicts, PTO, or last-minute changes occur, Reclaim automatically reschedules Smart Meetings at the best time for everyone.
  • Intelligent Flexibility: Smart Meetings adapt to changes and priorities on the calendar, enabling teams to meet for more or less time depending on schedules.
  • Priority Boosts: Reclaim uses machine learning to detect when meetings have been skipped frequently, and raises their priority to ensure they get scheduled.
  • Changelogs: Smart Meetings keep track of when and why meetings are skipped or rescheduled, sending daily recommendations to teams to keep them connected
  • Support for Hybrid Teams: With native conference room integration, Smart Meetings can automatically add the right meeting room to your meetings.
  • Integrated Everywhere: Smart Meetings integrates with any platform you use to manage agendas, status reporting, or meeting rooms – with no setup.

Reclaim is used by over 38,000 companies and 280,000 professionals worldwide. Prior to the Smart Meetings launch, Reclaim partnered with teams at leading organizations such as FirstLeaf, Paperlike, Clari and HelloFresh to help them design, build, and test Smart Meetings.

For every busy team across the company, Smart Meetings has become a powerful driver for keeping everyone focused on critical projects, staying in sync with team members, and enabling managers and ICs to get more time in the day for heads-down work.

“Before Reclaim, interrupting my day to shuffle meetings around my calendar cost me hours each week,” says Ali Havasi, Engineering Manager at HelloFresh. “Smart Meetings lets me effortlessly maintain my important touchpoints with my team, and know that critical 1:1s and team syncs never fall through the cracks. Not only has automating our meetings helped support trust and connection with my team, it’s also freed up more time for productive work that drives better outcomes for our company.”

Smart Meetings and are currently available for Google Calendar users, and support for Outlook Calendars are coming soon. To sign up for the private beta of Outlook support, visit

For more information on Smart Meetings, visit To read the full trend report, visit

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