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Red Canyon Media To Help Local Businesses In This Unstable Economic Environment

An SEO Fulfillment engine with a focus on quality and cost-efficiencies
marketing automation

Founder and Former CEO of Boostability, Travis Thorpe, has launched his latest company; a scalable SEO software and fulfillment technology company with a focus on helping marketing service providers help their small businesses clients reach their digital marketing potential with high-quality content and at a fraction of typical marketing costs martech news.

The new company is an easy-to-use, scalable SaaS solution that supports white-label SEO fulfillment. The SaaS platform has a workflow management tool that is flexible to allow marketing resellers to create their own workflows to save time and money. “This is a culmination of my experience to date,” said Thorpe. “Our company offers scalable solutions for marketing service providers as well as additional creative services integrated to help service their clients without growing costly internal staff or trying to train outside contract employees.”

Jordan Farrer, Partner, says their solution is the most cost-effective on the market. “Our mission is to leverage technology as a way to drive down the costs of digital marketing. This allows us to offer higher-quality services than competitors, but at a reduced price point which means that now, marketing resellers can help small business customers compete with larger companies that historically have dominated search results martech.”

Cassandra Bevan, Partner, says, “We believe companies of all sizes deserve more quality marketing solutions at a fraction of the costs that are usually wasted in communications processes that we believe we can automate. Quality content is key to client success in an over-saturated marketplace. Many white-label marketing providers are too busy to innovate, leaving their customers at risk of being negatively affected by search algorithm updates.”

“Technology is at the core of our product,” said Nick Stice, Partner and Founder of Tech9. “A quick Google search will give you best practices and methodology behind SEO, but applying those best practices is difficult, complicated, and time-consuming. However, with technology, we can scale with quality at a price anyone can afford marketing automation.”

Now accepting a limited number of agencies and resellers at launch, if you wish to be considered please contact Travis Thorpe at or by phone at (801) 319-8408.
Currently operating as Red Canyon Media (RCM), RCM helps agencies, large or small businesses, individual marketers, and other organizations meet marketing needs. Stay organized, create and follow your workflows with our platform while having access to the best creative talents.

If you would like more information about this topic, please email Travis Thorpe at

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