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Refersion announced the launch of Unified Payments


Refersion, a leading affiliate marketing platform, is proud to announce the launch of Unified Payments, an innovative payment solution for ecommerce brands. To date, Refersion has managed over $2 billion dollars in affiliate revenue for ecommerce businesses all over the world and recognizes the acute need to improve the payment process from merchants to affiliates.

Designed to streamline the payment process, Unified Payments automates consolidated payments, providing a reliable experience for both merchants and their valued affiliate partners. In addition, Unified Payments can also generate certain US tax forms on behalf of eligible customers.

For brands, Unified Payments is available to customers of all sizes, ensuring that everyone from small merchants to large enterprises can benefit from seamless payments. This capability allows smaller merchants to scale effectively and efficiently while enabling larger brands to concentrate on strengthening partnerships, thus fostering growth across the board.

Key Features of Unified Payments

  • Automated Payments: Improve affiliate and brand trust with consistent, on-time payments that ensures affiliates receive the correct amount and reduces funding gaps, bolstering your reputation as a dependable business partner.

  • Built-In US Tax Documentation: Reduce the burden of tax form management by easily generating IRS 1099 forms for qualifying affiliates.

  • Preferred by Top Affiliates: The reliability and consistency of Unified Payments make it the preferred choice among top publishers, which can help participating merchants establish and build relationships with them.

For publishers, Unified Payments improves and dramatically simplifies the payment process. Conversions from each brand are consolidated into a single, regularly scheduled payment, ensuring consistency and reducing the risk of funding gaps or inaccuracies in commission payments. In addition, publishers benefit from flexible payout options. Unified Payments allows publishers to choose their preferred payout method and schedule, supporting options like PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, wire transfer, and ACH deposit.

“Consistent, automated bulk payments are essential for our business at Refermate. They streamline our operations and ensure timely compensation from affiliate networks and advertiser brands. This new feature is a welcome improvement, reducing administrative tasks and increasing efficiency. We believe that Unified Payments strengthens our partnerships and contributes to our continued success,” said Aktug Dogan, Co-founder at Refermate.

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