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The “Smart Workplace Solutions and Integrated Workplace Management Systems by Technology, Connectivity, Applications, Device Type,Service Delivery Models, and Industry Verticals 2018 – 2023” report has been added to’s offering.

This report provides an in-depth analysis of the Smart Workplace including market trends, growth drivers, market challenges, leading companies, solutions, applications, and services. The report analyzes the market segments by categories, product and services, connectivity and communication technology, and regions, providing forecasts for the 2018 – 2023 period.

The report also analyzes smart workplace solution providers and provides specific market recommendations. In addition, the report evaluates IWMS technology and applications with an assessment of business opportunities and market outlook. Report forecasts include the Smart Workplace market by technology, connectivity type, applications, device type, service delivery methods, and industry verticals. Sales Automation

The Smart Workplace is characterized as one that provides a safer, more comfortable, and productive work environment. Intelligent work is closely associated with Intelligent Buildings and Smart Facilities. In this context, it is related to various Building Automation solutions including Smart Lighting, Smart Security (such as access control via biometrics), Intelligent HVAC systems, and more. Next generation smart workplaces will include advanced technologies such as detection systems to determine presence of employees for work space optimization.

While closely tied to Smart Buildings, it is important to note that the Smart Workplace is not tied to only to a building space as remote work includes home workers, telecommuting, and work while traveling. Accordingly, a larger definition of the Smart Workplace includes technologies and solutions to enable more efficient and effective workflow and other business operation considerations. A broader definition of Smart Workplace takes into consideration those technologies and solutions that provide process improvement, work flow improvement, internal and external supply chain management optimization, visibility into product/service usage, opportunities for moving from products to services in an as a Service model, intelligent worker monitoring, data analytics, control of the entire Product Life Cycle(PLM), and more.

One of the most important solutions to optimize the Smart Workplace is to deploy an Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS), which represents a combination of five separate modules (1) Property Management, (2) Facility and Space Management, (3) Maintenance Management, (4) Sustainability and Energy Management, and (5) Technology Management. With IWMS solutions,enterprise organizations are able to optimize asset utilization, energy consumption,technology deployment, building and infrastructure efficiency, and overall workplace productivity to gain substantial savings in CAPEX and OPEX.

Key Topics Covered: 

1 Introduction

1.1 Overview

1.1.1 Defining the Smart Workplace

1.1.2 Transition to Agile Workplace

1.1.3 Smart Workplace Outcome

1.1.4 Impact on Businesses and Employees

1.1.5 Creation of Smart Workplace Environment

1.2 Smart Workplace Opportunities and Challenges

1.2.1 Market Opportunities

1.2.2 Issues to Consider and Potential Threats

2 Smart Workplace Ecosystem

2.1 Important Market Segments

2.1.1 Workplace Product and Integrated Systems

2.1.2 Workplace Transformation Services

2.1.3 Integrated Workplace Management Systems

2.2 Ecosystem Players

2.2.1 Platform and Automation Solution Providers

2.2.2 OEM Providers

2.2.3 Networking and Infrastructure Solution Providers

2.2.4 Security and Analytics Solution Providers

2.2.5 Connectivity and Service Providers

2.2.6 System Aggregators

2.2.7 Enterprise End Users

2.3 Facility Management and Life-Cycle Cost Analysis

2.3.1 Facility Management Components

2.3.2 Facility Management Cost Metrics

2.3.3 Facility Management Cost Structure

2.3.4 Facility Management Savings Structure

2.4 Traditional Office vs. Software Driven Automation

2.4.1 Enterprise SaaS Adoption

2.4.2 SaaS Solution Costs

2.4.3 Smart Workplace Job Market

3 Smart Workplace Market and Forecasts 2018 – 2023

3.1 Global Market Segments and Forecast 2018 – 2023

3.1.1 Combined Smart Workplace Market

3.1.2 Smart Workplace Market by Segment

3.1.3 Smart Workplace Market by Building Type

3.1.4 Smart Workplace Market by Organization Type

3.1.5 Smart Workplace Market by Business Model

3.1.6 Smart Workplace Market by Deployment Type

3.1.7 Smart Workplace Market by Connectivity Protocol

3.1.8 Smart Workplace Market by Industry Vertical

3.1.9 Smart Workplace Market Share by Value Chain Partner

3.2 Regional Market Forecasts 2018 – 2023

3.2.1 Smart Workplace Market by Region

3.2.2 North America Smart Workplace Market by Workplace Product and Integration System, Workplace Transformation Services, Integrated Workplace Management System, and Country

3.2.3 Europe Smart Workplace Market by Workplace Product and Integration System, Workplace Transformation Services, Integrated Workplace Management System, and Country

3.2.4 APAC Smart Workplace Market by Workplace Product and Integration System, Workplace Transformation Services, Integrated Workplace Management System, and Country

3.2.5 Middle East and Africa Smart Workplace Market by Workplace Product and Integration System, Workplace Transformation Services, Integrated Workplace Management System, and Country

3.2.6 Latin America Smart Workplace Market by Workplace Product and Integration System, Workplace Transformation Services, Integrated Workplace Management System, and Country

3.2.7 Top Twenty Smart Workplace Market

4 Smart Workplace Device Market Analysis and Forecasts

4.1 Connected IoT Device Forecasts 2018 – 2023

4.1.1 Connected IoT Devices

4.1.2 Smart Workplace Connected IoT Device by Type

4.1.3 Smart Workplace Connected IoT Device by Connectivity Protocol

4.1.4 Smart Workplace Connected IoT Device by Industry Vertical

4.1.5 Smart Workplace Connected IoT Device by Region

4.2 Sensor Connected IoT Object Forecasts 2018 – 2023

4.2.1 Smart Workplace Sensor Connected IoT Objects

4.2.2 Smart Workplace Sensor Connected IoT Objects by Connectivity Protocol

4.2.3 Smart Workplace Sensor Connected IoT Objects by Industry Vertical

4.2.4 Smart Workplace Sensor Connected IoT Objects by Region

5 Company Analysis

5.1 ABB Ltd.

5.2 Cisco Systems

5.3 Crestron Electronics

5.4 Honeywell International

5.5 Johnson Controls

5.6 Koninklijke Philips N.V

5.7 Lutron Electronics

5.8 Schneider Electric

5.9 Siemens AG

5.10 United Technologies Corporation

5.11 Smart Office Solutions

5.12 Telkom SA Soc Ltd

5.13 Daikin Industries Ltd.

5.14 Ingersoll-Rand Inc.

5.15 LG Electronics Inc.

5.16 Acuity BrandsInc.

5.17 Genera lElectric

5.18 OSRAM LichtAG

5.19 Philips Lumileds

5.20 Axis Communications AB

5.21 Robert Bosch GmbH

5.21.1 Bosch Hausgerate GmbH

5.21.2 Bosch Security Systems

5.21.3 Bosch Thermotechnology GmbH

5.22 NICE Systems Ltd.

5.23 Raven Window

5.24 Research Frontiers

5.25 SAGE Electrochromics Inc.

5.26 ATOSS Software AG

5.27 Kronos Incorporated

5.28 Panasonic Corporation

5.29 Samsung Electronics

5.30 Whirlpool Corporation

5.31 AB Electrolux

5.32 Haier Group Corporation

5.33 Miele

5.34 Reflexis Systems Inc.

5.35 Fujitsu Ltd.

5.36 Gree Electric Appliances Inc.

5.37 Hitachi Ltd.

5.38 Advanced Lighting Technologies Inc.

5.39 Emerson Electric Company

5.40 Toshiba Corporation

5.41 Midea Group

5.42 Lennox International Inc.

5.43 Nortek

5.44 Paloma Industries Ltd.

5.45 Vaillant Group

5.46 Bridgelux Inc.

5.47 Cree Inc.

5.48 Dialight Plc

5.49 Eaton Corporation Plc

5.50 Everlight Electronics Co. Ltd.

5.51 MLS Electronics Co. Ltd

5.52 Toyoda Gosei 2018-2023 Co. Ltd.

5.53 Anixte rInternational

5.54 ASSA ABLOY Group

5.55 Axxon Soft

5.56 FLIR Systems

5.57 Genetec

5.58 Chromo Genics

5.59 Diamond Glass

5.60 EControl-Glas GmbH & Co. KG

5.61 Gesimat GmbH

5.62 Intelligent Glass

5.63 Heliotrope Technologies

5.64 Pleotint LLC

5.65 Polytronix Inc.

5.66 Scienstry

5.67 Vista Window Company

5.68 Star Hub

5.69 Elisa Corporation

5.70 The SMART Workplace

5.71 NEC Corporation

5.72 Telus Communications

5.73 Tata Consultancy Services Limited


5.75 WRLD3D

5.76 CBRE

5.77 Virtual Operations

5.78 JLL

5.79 Accenture PLC

5.80 Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)

5.81 DXC Technology

5.82 IBM Corporation

5.83 NTT DATA Corporation

5.84 Atos Se

5.85 Capgemini SE

5.86 Cognizant

5.87 HCL Technologies Limited

5.88 Citrix Systems Inc.

5.89 Wipro Limited

5.90 Unisys Corporation

5.91 Infosys Limited

5.92 Intel Corporation

5.93 Oracle Corporation

5.94 Trimble Inc.

5.95 Planon Corporation

5.96 Accruent LLC

5.97 ARCHIBUS Inc.

5.98 NJW Limited

5.99 Indus Systems Inc.

5.100 FM: Systems Inc.

5.101 iOFFICE Corporation

6 Conclusions and Recommendations

6.1 Foundational Considerations

6.1.1 Smart Workplace Principles

6.1.2 Smart Workplace Creation

6.1.3 Smart Workplace Business Strategy

6.2 Building Automation Stakeholder

6.3 Corporate Real Estate Management and Facility Management

6.4 Collaborative Workforce Management

6.5 Organization Wide Synergy

7 Appendix 1: IWMS Market and Solution Analysis

7.1 IWMS Market Evolution

7.2 IWMS Product Matrix

7.2.1 Property Management Software

7.2.2 Facility and Space Management Software

7.2.3 Maintenance Management Software

7.2.4 Technology Management Software

7.2.5 Sustainability and Energy Management

7.3 CMMS vs. EAM

7.4 IWMS Functionality Checklist

7.4.1 Capital Project Management

7.4.2 Property Management

7.4.3 Facility and Space Management

7.4.4 Maintenance Management

7.4.5 Sustainability and Energy Management

7.4.6 Cross-Functional Capabilities

7.5 IWMS Life Cycle Cost and Saving Analysis

7.5.1 Cost Analysis Components

7.5.2 Cost Analysis Metrics

7.5.3 Cost Analysis Structure

7.5.4 Cost Savings Structure

7.6 IWMS Pricing Model Analysis

7.6.1 SaaS Deployment Cost

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