U.S. ANATOMY OF WORK GLOBAL INDEX 2022 Embracing the new age of agility

A study shows that Workers are spending 58% of their time on work about work .

Reducing work about work for everyone by implementing new, streamlined processes must be prioritized to save everyone hundreds of hours in a year resulting in improved productivity.

The way of work has drastically evolved in the past 2 years after Covid-19. While people started working from home, multiple new challenges related to coordination and connectivity came into the picture.

While companies focus on working hard, having a plan of action is essential. Companies need a strategy that can sustain in the world of remote and hybrid work. Asana surveyed over 13000 global workers to understand the impact.

Here is a report ‘U.S. Anatomy of Work Index 2022- Asana Embracing the new age of agility’ that talks about the major problems faced by companies across the globe.

The report also talks about the solutions and understanding what the future of work looks like.

Download the report to get all the essentials insights and learnings to improve productivity and have a better day at work.

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