Social Media Marketing & Monitoring Ventures Finds Success in Web3 Where Others Fail

As traditional and cryptocurrency markets are roiled, one Web3 firm finds success in its dual service offering., a Web3 marketing agency and venture capital firm has found success in the Web3 investing space despite recent upset in the blockchain industry. As prominent centralized exchanges and blockchain projects have fallen in recent months, has found unique strategies to overcome the turbulence Web3 companies face.

Through a hybrid approach, offers the marketing expertise of an advertising agency and the capital knowledge of a successful venture fund to provide client and startup partners with the best of both worlds. The firm provides necessary capital resources to help projects grow, simultaneously marketing these ventures and becoming advisors to ensure their clients are on a growth trajectory.

The team consists of 68 employees that include growth hackers, marketers, and admin staff, to properly service their growing portfolio of client and startup partners. The outcome of 24 clients served, $30M generated in client revenue, and over 626,000 in community growth is not only impressive; it is validation of the business model.

Web3 Marketing At Its Best

Running business operations in a time of crisis requires craft mastery. Enterprises can no longer rely on fleeting trends, as such an approach is inefficient under harsh market conditions. Alternatively,’s commitment to deep work backed by a C-Suite of veteran Web2 marketers with a solid crypto background are what generate successful Web3 campaigns.

One of the critical reasons for’s success is attributed to mastery of web3 marketing and growth-focused services offered to partners. Their comprehensive offer proposition features:

  • Brand building strategies that guide companies to formulate their marketing story, core beliefs, thought leadership, and brand tenants.
  • Community growth and management blueprints that generate engagement through qualified teams along with proper feedback and support procedures.
  • Social media marketing and advertising strategies on channels favored by Web3 users.
  • Search engine optimization, content marketing, and press opportunities that allow quality content to be syndicated. combines solid, theoretical background with hands-on experience acquired while leading dozens of Web3 marketing campaigns.

Active members of the Web3 sphere understand that the role of professional networks is critical to success in the emerging market. have dozens of leading-edge Web3 projects they work with to transfer knowledge and build relationships, in effect amplifying performance and bringing valuable ideas to the surface.

Unique Value Proposition Differentiates from Traditional Marketing Agencies

In addition to Web3 marketing skill sets and industry expertise,’s Web3 marketing project management software is central to their unique value proposition. The software features a KPI tracker that enables Web3 startups to track communities in one place and set internal goals for growth and engagement. Integrations are built for communities such as Discord, Telegram, Twitter, and Medium.

The DAO Manager gives project owners capabilities such as automating payroll, managing expenses, organizing contributors, maintaining project transparency, and ensuring community compliance. The software also has a Marketing Manager module where project leads can manage their digital assets, strategically plan resource allocation, monitor the efficiency of their workflow, and optimize their work performance.

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