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Retail for the People Partners With Endear


Retail for the People, a retail consulting firm, has announced today its partnership with Endear, the leading retail CRM software company, to provide an in-store and online clienteling solution to retailers globally.

Endear’s all-in-one clienteling tool integrates seamlessly with a retailer’s POS or E-Commerce platform to deliver a retail CRM that is fully equipped with the data brands need to drive more sales.

Clienteling is the age-old retail retention strategy that enables retailers to create personalized experiences through the utilization of customer information. What was once a cumbersome process for sales associates has now been transformed thanks to Endear’s intuitive digital dashboard focused entirely on building relationships with customers and increasing lifetime value through personalization, data, and loyalty building.

Krista Boyer Starratt, Founder at Retail for the People, said: “Clienteling is an important part of retail and something we believe to be a top priority. Through this partnership, we are thrilled to offer a solution that makes it easier for retailers.”

Leigh Sevin, Co-Founder at Endear, said: “Such a fan of Retail for the People and the support they give brands ready to take on physical retail.”

Together, Retail for the People and Endear will empower retailers with fully omnichannel clienteling solutions that include customer relationship management, personalized messaging, Shoppable Stories, and sales tracking. Users will be able to leverage customer data that spans the physical and digital retail presence, including customer order history and purchase behavior.

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