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RevUnit & Google Cloud to Help Clients Gain Competitive Advantage

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RevUnit, a data technology studio focused on building data strategies, products, and visualizations to get operational insights into the hands of employees, today announced that it has joined the Google Cloud Partner Advantage program. The relationship gives Google Cloud customers the ability to go beyond simply moving to the cloud — creating new products out of existing data by leveraging GCP solutions.

As a Google Cloud partner, RevUnit combines the right processes, technologies, and teams with Google’s cloud tools to produce new, scalable data applications that lead to competitive advantage.

“Most businesses have made the switch to the cloud and many have invested in big data for over a decade. Now it’s time for teams to find their competitive edge and drive ROI by combining data with the innovation potential of GCP,” said Danny Estavillo, RevUnit’s senior vice president of growth. “We can help you get there faster as we come alongside your teams to transfer ways of working and skills that enable you to create data value into the future.”

RevUnit’s key GCP capabilities include:

  • Cloud Application Development — RevUnit’s proven frameworks help teams fill in gaps, remove silos and increase collaboration between data, design, engineering, and business teams.
  • Smart Analytics — GCP enables teams to use building blocks to move faster, and provides compute power to enable truly real-time analytics.
  • Cloud ML/AI — Quickly test and scale a machine learning model on Google Cloud ML, and leverage Google’s APIs for predictive and prescriptive analytics.

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