RingLead DataExchange Grows with the Addition of Ten Key Data Vendors

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RingLead, the leading provider of data management solutions for CRMs and MAPs, today announced the addition of a handful of new partners to The DataExchange, the industry’s leading data buying marketplace. This latest group of partners consists of ZoomInfo Powered by DiscoverOrg, Crunchbase, 180 by Two, Clearbit, People Data Labs, DemandMatrix, Inside View, Stat Social, Kwanzoo and Aberdeen. They will now be featured on The DataExchange with full integration into RingLead’s data quality platform, allowing DataExchange users to discover, connect, and structure data with ease martech news.

“Each of these new data vendors provides tremendous value not only to the customer but to the entire DataExchange community,” said John Kosturos, Chief Product Officer at RingLead.

“By continuing to focus on select, best-of-breed data vendors, we ensure The DataExchange remains a competitive marketplace where buyers can remain confident in the vendors they’re assessing.”

Introduced earlier this year, The DataExchange is a marketplace built for transparency, flexibility, and community around data buying. With RingLead as the delivery mechanism for data, The DataExchange bridges the gap between the buyer, the vendor, and the necessary data for disruptive sales and marketing.

ZoomInfo Powered by DiscoverOrg, Crunchbase, 180 by Two, Clearbit, People Data Labs, DemandMatrix, Inside View, Stat Social, Kwanzoo, and Aberdeen each provide DataExchange users with unique data fields and packages to help them engage in hyper-personalized, hyper-segmented campaigns and initiatives. To learn more about The DataExchange and offerings of each vendor, please visit us at

“As the appetite for data continues to grow, it’s necessary for businesses to have flexibility and transparency in how they buy data, and who they buy it from. The DataExchange transforms the data buying experience for the consumer while simultaneously empowering ZoomInfo Powered by DiscoverOrg to deliver more relevant, personalized buying experiences through the most accurate and actionable global B2B database.” – Krystan Resch, Senior Director of Partner Marketing, ZoomInfo powered by DiscoverOrg.

“Pairing Clearbit’s best-in-class B2B data with the Ringlead platform will empower customers to operationalize their data and bring powerful data into their revenue operations. Ringlead equips customers with a holistic data quality experience from end-to-end, and we are thrilled to be a key part of that.” –Ashley Taylor, Head of Partnerships at Clearbit.

“At Crunchbase, we’re focused on building tools that empower our users with private company data to help them identify and pursue new business opportunities. Savvy salespeople have been using our products to track business growth and prospect within the private sector for years, and we’re thrilled to partner with RingLead to empower the sales community via The DataExchange further.” – Arman Javaherian, Head of Product at Crunchbase.

“Clean customer and market data are among the most powerful assets an enterprise needs to excel in today’s digitally-enabled, competitive business environments. InsideView is excited to be a launch partner of RingLead’s B2B data platform, helping companies more easily find the data they need and seamlessly integrate it into their workflows.” – Heidi Bamburg Tucker, Vice President Global Alliances, InsideView Technologies, Inc.

“Aberdeen has worked with Ringlead for many years. We are very excited about RingLead’s new product, and their efforts to expose the benefits of Aberdeen’s B2B Buyer Intent data. Our goal is to ensure that marketers and sellers are always aware of in-market buyers, and the Ringlead DataExchange contributes further to this mission.” –Andrew Connelly, SVP of Corporate Development, Aberdeen.

“Our vision is a world in which recipients value sales and marketing outreach. Using the highest-quality, consent-based intent data is only the first step. B2B brands also need data portability, so that intent data informs all of their sales and marketing efforts. Being part of the Ringlead DataExhange brings this vision one step closer to reality.” – Mike Burton, Co-Founder, and SVP of Data Sales, Bombora.

“Just like companies leverage data to create a frictionless customer experience, the DataExchange provides a one-stop-shop and hassle-free approach to selecting, testing, integrating, procuring, and cleansing your data.” – Erik Costello, Sr. Data Consultant & Strategic Partnership Manager, People Data Labs.

“180byTwo has evolved as the leading B2B DaaS company that helps clients drive revenue with their marketing efforts. RingLead’s platform will empower customers to act upon their data by connecting their overall data strategy. Working with RingLead’s platform, we can help clients personalize their messaging to the right contacts and accounts across multiple channels when the timing is just right. Our data helps increase revenue by driving leads down the funnel.” –Ben Goldman, CRO, 180byTwo.

“DemandMatrix provides the highest propensity to buy accounts by analyzing technographic data and intent signals; we are the fuel for any GTM engine. Ringlead’s DataExchange is the perfect conduit to CRM and Marketing Automation. Since data is streamlined, revenue teams can have meaningful conversations, and the customer wins. We look forward to making customers successful with RingLead.” –Asher Mathew, VP, Revenue & Operations, DemandMatrix.

“Ringlead’s DataExchange is easy-to-use, insightful, and helps showcase StatSocial’s data offering via a dedicated profile to increase inbound data requests from global data hunters. We are excited and honored to be a launch partner.” Michael Hussey, CEO, StatSocial

“Over 95% of buyers that are targeted by B2B companies today choose to remain anonymous well into their buying cycle. Kwanzoo’s unique account budget intelligence data and engagement data feed of all anonymous buyer activity from paid media, website pages, conversational marketing, and more helps prioritize sales outreach and close more deals. We are excited about bringing this unique behavioral intent data through the RingLead DataExchange to our mutual customers.” – Vic Kaul, Head of Operations and Partnerships, Kwanzoo Inc.

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