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Riverbed unveils Advanced AI Platform for DX with new solutions


Riverbed, the leader in AI Observability, introduced the most advanced AI-powered observability platform to optimize digital experiences, and launched several new solutions and a unified agent built on this open architecture. Expanding on its broad collection of full-fidelity data across the IT landscape, Riverbed’s new observability capabilities now enable IT to overcome visibility blind spots around public cloud, Zero Trust and SD-WAN architectures, and remote work environments. Additionally, with Aternity Mobile, IT can now monitor enterprise-owned Apple iOS and Android mobile device performance to proactively identify digital experience issues and take targeted actions to improve the productivity of front-line employees. The Company also released the next generation of Riverbed IQ 2.0, an AIOps service that reduces alert fatigue and enables IT to identify and solve issues faster by using AI-driven correlation and automation of Riverbed and third-party data.

Today’s IT teams face the daunting task of delivering on the digital experience while managing complex IT environments and vast amounts of data and alerts without sufficient context or actionable insights. Additionally, this is compounded by network blind spots and a shortage of skilled IT resources. This presents a unique challenge that requires the ability to collect and analyze all this data, and leverage AI and automation to meet the needs of modern IT operations. Riverbed’s AI-powered platform collects data across the entire technology stack to ensure precise AI outcomes, ultimately reducing IT troubleshooting time and costs, and delivering better digital experiences for end-users.

LinkedIn: Riverbed unveils the most advanced AI-powered platform to optimize digital experiences, and new solutions for mobile, cloud, and AIOps:

“Customers are challenged with improving the digital experience, simplifying their management environment and implementing AI that works and scales,” said Dave Donatelli, Chief Executive Officer at Riverbed. “To address this, Riverbed has invested in our core competencies of data collection and AI, and today we’re launching the most advanced AI-powered observability platform to optimize digital experiences, along with solutions that provide new levels of visibility into network blind spots and enterprise-owned mobile devices. This is Riverbed’s largest product launch in years, and all of these solutions are available now. Great AI starts with great data, and our platform and visibility solutions provide IT with full-fidelity and real data that is the most comprehensive in the industry, along with an AIOps engine that uses AI automation to remediate issues faster, often without human intervention. At our core, Riverbed is focused on helping organizations improve their user’s digital experiences by using AI automation for the prevention, identification, and resolution of IT issues.”

Riverbed Platform – AI-Powered Observability to Optimize Digital Experiences

The new Riverbed Platform is open, simple, and smart, enabling IT organizations to collectanalyze and automate, and report on data, in order to deliver optimized digital experiences. The Riverbed Platform collects full-fidelity data spanning networks, IT infrastructure, applications, user experience, endpoints, and cloud; and as an open platform, is launching with approximately 35 pre-built application and software integrations. The Riverbed Platform applies the data, including third parties, into an AIOps engine for analysis and correlation, where root cause identification is determined, and automated remediations are launched. Reporting occurs using Riverbed dashboards, or through integration with IT Services Management tools such as ServiceNow.

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