RollWorks Joins Adobe Exchange Experience Cloud Program

Strengthens Data and Machine Learning-Powered Integration to Help B2B Companies Identify Target Accounts and Engage Buying Committees Across Channels
customer relationship management

RollWorks, a division of NextRoll, has joined the Adobe Exchange Experience Cloud Program as an Accelerate partner, building on an existing partnership and integration between Marketo Engage, a complete solution for lead management, and the RollWorks account-based platform. This best-in-class ABM integration has helped hundreds of B2B companies including BetterCloud, Blackbaud, Coupa and Mixpanel, identify their highest-value target accounts, engage buying committees within those accounts across multiple channels, and measure the impact on ABM pipeline and revenue growth.

The RollWorks-Marketo two-way integration helps companies reach and coordinate end-to-end journeys for anonymous buyers within priority accounts, and progress these accounts through the sales funnel quickly with cross-channel, hyper-personalized campaigns tailored based on role, sales stage, and company. Machine learning-powered advertising bidding and budgeting allows these campaigns to be executed at scale. This gives go-to-market teams the comprehensive tools they need to see the biggest return from their account-based marketing efforts.

“As a long-time partner of Marketo’s, we’re excited to join Adobe’s partner program to continue giving our joint customers deeper ABM functionality to attract and close unknown buyers from high-value accounts,” said Mike Stocker, VP of Partnerships at RollWorks. “Our mutual customers love how this integration complements strategies they’re already executing for known buyers through Marketo, while bringing unprecedented efficiency for their account-based experiences with our account data graph and machine learning capabilities.”

Mixpanel, a product analytics solution leader, previously updated its customer and partner lists manually, which led to weekly or even monthly updates. Mixpanel now leverages the RollWorks-Marketo data sync to continuously update its dynamic target account lists in real time. “With RollWorks and Marketo, we have eliminated manual labor and wasted spend to now focus only on our high-value accounts,” said Cody Nguyen, growth marketing manager at Mixpanel. “As a result, we’ve seen around a 60% increase in conversation rates, while cutting our CPAs by 30%.”

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