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RSUPPORT Co., Ltd., updates RemoteMeeting with ‘AI summary’ feature

RemoteMeeting, a video conferencing service, has applied ChatGPT to its newly updated 'AI summary' feature

RSUPPORT Co., Ltd., a leading remote solution company, announced today that it has updated its video conferencing service, RemoteMeeting, with an ‘AI summary’ feature powered by ChatGPT. RemoteMeeting added the AI summary to its existing automatic meeting minutes feature, “AI record,” which automatically converts participants’ speech into text records in real-time using STT (Speech-to-Text) technology.

With ChatGPT, the AI summary feature categorizes meeting minutes by topic and provides a summary of the key points. Users can activate the ‘AI record’ feature and click the ‘summarize’ button during or after the meeting to download the summarized meeting minutes as a PDF file. Additionally, users can attach images to the summarized meeting minutes to enhance communication. The automatic meeting minutes with images added can be downloaded and shared via email.

With the ChatGPT-powered ‘AI summary’ feature, RemoteMeeting can quickly and accurately summarize lengthy meeting minutes, saving significant time and resources for laborious post-meeting tasks. All participants can now focus more on the meeting content without wasting their efforts to organize the minutes, and thereby leading to a highly improved concentration and productivity.

Seo Hyung-su, CEO of RSUPPORT, said, “The newly updated ‘AI summary’ feature not only establishes RemoteMeeting as a productivity tool, but it also leads to a paradigm shift in communication and video conferencing,”

He also added “We will continue to apply a variety of the latest technologies, such as AI technologies, to RemoteMeeting to provide a differentiated video conferencing experience that enhances collaboration and productivity.”

Prior to the ChatGPT-powered ‘AI summary’ feature, RemoteMeeting already offered various AI-based features, including noise reduction, automatic speaker detection, virtual backgrounds, and facial focus. It also offers a video conferencing virtual rehearsal function with their virtual assistant, ARU (AI-based Response Utility).

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