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Sailes Study: Human-AI Collaboration Boosts Sales Efficiency by 3,000%

Sales professionals handle about 2,184 prospecting activities monthly. With AI-native Sailebot® this soars to 19,731 tasks—equivalent to having nine extra team members closing deals Sailes launches new features for real-time insights and dynamic visualizations, giving you a behind-the-scenes look at your Sailebots' work and results to close deals faster
Digital Labor

Sailes, the market-leading developer of authentic AI for Sales solutions, has released its annual Digital Labor Study, revealing compelling data on how its Sailebot® technology benefits sales teams and enterprises. Digital Labor refers to the fully autonomous execution of the entire sales prospecting process, thus alleviating repetitive tasks like research, data sourcing, emails, replies, overcoming objections, and identifying revenue opportunities. This first of its kind AI product is unique to every salesperson to mirror their approach, multiply their output by 15X, and uncover years’ worth of intelligence in weeks. By elevating sales professionals out of the mundane, Sailebots give them space for more meaningful, humanworthy activity.

Conducted in collaboration with The Bridge Group, key findings from the Digital Labor study reveal:

  • 3,000% Increase in ROI: Paired with a human, Sailebot® delivers an outstanding return on investment for sales teams.
  • 15x Monthly Task Output: Substantial enhancement in productivity.
  • 6x Cost Efficiency: Dramatic reduction in operational expenses.
  • 97x Efficiency Increase: Overall improvement in sales efficiency.

In addition to its digital labor report, Sailes is announcing two new features: Digital Labor Live and Real-Time ROI.

Tailored for sales leadership, these features break the wall between humans and AI, allowing company leadership to watch their Sailebots work live while seeing the ROI impact in real time.

Introducing New Features for Real-Time Insights into AI Automation Impact

Inspired by the experience of walking onto a buzzing salesfloor, Sailes’ new feature enables transparency and tangibility for the autonomous AI experience. Both features will live in Starboard, the first CRM for AI released last year.

Digital Labor Live features a dynamic Live Feed on Starboard, showcasing real-time Sailebot activities through animated avatars. With this expanded functionality, sales teams can watch the Digital Labor of their Sailebot happen before their eyes with indicators highlighting actionable opportunities and detailed metrics such as AiQLs (Ai Qualified Leads), emails, and referrals as they occur. The platform tracks the active Sailebot count to enable better resource management and efficiency measurements like tracking hours saved. These comprehensive insights are applicable in the human sales motion and further illustrate how each of the AI are unique.

Complementing this, ROI Live empowers sales teams to view tangible ROI as a result of the Digital Labor their Sailebot delivers. The ability to track pipeline growth, savings on manual tasks executed by Sailebot, and value of new prospect data unfolds dynamically around the clock. The expanded functionality provides access to see exactly what tasks Sailebots are completing and the impact to measurable cost savings.

Sailebot: The Sales Professional’s New Superpower

The Digital Labor Study shows the impressive capabilities of Sailebot compared to traditional sales roles. New findings confirm:

  • Traditional AEs: Typically require 5.7 months to complete about 7,182 prospecting activities, resulting in around 1 deal worth $67,000.
  • Sailebot: Achieves better results in just 49 days, handling 540% more tasks in that time.

The study also found that while Sales professionals manage about 2,184 prospecting activities each month – with the AI-powered Sailebot®, this number jumps to 19,731 tasks, effectively adding the productivity of nine additional team members. Sailebot accelerates the sales cycle, allowing AEs to focus on closing deals and high-value tasks. It also increases an AE’s pipeline contribution from 30% to 65%, highlighting its transformative impact on sales processes.

“By leveraging Sailebot® capabilities, enterprises can dramatically reduce ramp time for new AEs, enabling them to become revenue positive much faster,” said Nick Smith, CEO and founder of Sailes. “This strategic deployment of Sailebots for every AE shortens ramp time and significantly enhances productivity, creating a compelling ROI story from the first deployment.” To view the full Sailes Digital Labor Study, visit our website to download the full report here.

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