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SALESmanago Expands Partnership Program


SALESmanago, the leading customer engagement platform for eCommerce brands, today announced the growth of its global partner program, which saw a 160% revenue increase over 2022.

After onboarding 100+ new partners in the last six months, 2023 will see SALESmanago launch new programs that include local go-to-market support, integrated platform technologies and self-serve data intelligence. This includes new resources to help customers expand their client base, enhance new revenue streams and increase profits.

SALESmanago is quickly gaining eCommerce ground thanks to its unique offering for mid-size online retailers, including its Zero Party Data-powered Customer Data Platform. Its execution channels and analytics are powered by AI.

As a result of a nine-digit euro acquisition and growth investment, the company is growing its European footprint. In an era that is testing SaaS business strategies around the world, SALESmanago’s channel-first approach propels the company’s success as organisations continue to recognise the critical role of supporting eCommerce operators to increase revenues and understand their customers.

“We’ve always recognised the importance of a strong partner ecosystem, but as our partner’s businesses continues to evolve, we’ve doubled-down on our investment to accelerate our channel first strategy in the region,” said Greg Blazewicz, CEO and Founder of SALESmanago. “Partners are instrumental to SALESmanago’s growth. All our partners play a vital role in our success, which is why we’ve added over 100 key players to our global partner program in the past year.”

The news comes as SALESmanago unveiled its CUPID tool, the new industry standard to measure customer engagement. Its AI-driven solutions have been adopted by 2,000+ mid-size businesses and the tool helps eCommerce merchants understand how their customer experience measures against industry benchmarks.

“Customer intimacy and understanding buyer behaviours is a key part of any eCommerce growth strategy in order to survive and strive in a saturated world,” said Steffen Papke, VP Sales & Partnerships, Thorit GmbH.

“The SALESmanago platform continues to deliver consistent results, reliability and increases overall customer experience insights, providing our customers with what they need to grow their eCommerce business at an accelerated pace. As a strategic partner, SALESmanago’s solutions and support has been integral to scaling our business and we anticipate that the new partner program will amplify this further.”

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