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Sam’s Club launched Media and Sales Performance Dashboard

Dashboard displays Sam’s Club POS sales performance and Sam’s Club MAP media campaign metrics together to track impact on business
Sam's Club

Sam’s Club®, a division of Walmart Inc. and a leading membership warehouse club, announces the launch of the Media and Sales Performance Dashboard, an innovative, integrated dashboard that serves as a central source of truth for campaign performance for Sam’s Club Member Access Platform (MAP).

For the first time, the Media and Sales Performance Dashboard combines Sam’s Club MAP campaign metrics with Sam’s Club sales performance in one place, so advertisers can track media impact on business outcomes. This new offering is a consolidated, self-service innovation for both Sponsored Product Ads and Display campaigns, together with sales performance, in a single interface.

The dashboard seamlessly integrates with the point-of-sale platform (also known as MADRID) that Sam’s Club advertisers and merchants already use to track sales — which is also the same platform used internally by Sam’s Club MAP.

“We understand the power that analytics can have on advertiser campaigns which is why we are delivering this new integrated dashboard,” said Lex Josephs, vice president and general manager of Sam’s Club MAP. “It is the latest in an ongoing stream of continuous innovations we’re providing to deliver faster, more actionable insights. It gives advertisers access to performance metrics, enabling them to optimize campaigns while they are still in flight, driving stronger business outcomes.”

Visibility and in-flight optimization

The Media and Sales Performance Dashboard provides advertisers with visibility into item sales, new buyers, in-club attribution from search, total ad attributed sales and more — enabling a new era of marketing optimization.

With this innovation, Display and Sponsored Product Ads performance are now available in one place, providing new transparency into Display and allowing advertisers and MAP to make optimizations in-flight. This visibility enables continuous iteration and improvement on active campaigns to drive business outcomes.

Deeper member insights

Sam’s Club’s membership model is what makes the industry-leading measurement offered by Sam’s Club MAP possible. Advertisers now have more immediate access to member insights, including household reach, purchase channel, and for the first time, new buyer metrics for Sponsored Product Ads.

This launch represents a win for Sam’s Club members as well. Actionable member insights empower advertisers to optimize their campaigns and drive the most efficient results. This ensures that members discover the perfect item at the right time and in the right place, and helps members see more relevant ads/messaging.

“Sam’s Club MAP – fueled by the Media and Sales Performance Dashboard data – allows us to build and track plans like never before,” said Lindsay Letterle, director of sales for The Clorox Company. “The deep member insights paired with media and business impact enable us to optimize our campaigns to ensure we’re reaching the right member with the right message at the right time to drive business results.”

Measurement confidence

Not every retail media platform offers incrementality measurement but those that do typically use their own internal methodology. By contrast, Sam’s Club MAP differentiates by offering incrementality measurement such as iROAS and sales lift based on Circana’s methodology in post campaign reporting.

Sam’s Club MAP has partnered with Circana again to bring the Media and Sales Performance Dashboard to advertisers. With this third-party validation, advertisers can drive in-flight optimization decisions confidently, without anyone ‘grading their own homework.’

Sam’s Club MAP is excited to offer this to select advertising partners today and looks forward to onboarding many more in the coming months. For more information about Sam’s Club MAP’s new integrated dashboard

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