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Satisfi Labs Announces Patent Pending for Context-Based NLP Tech

The newest patent pending will cement Satisfi Labs' technology as an unrivaled leader in helping guests learn and do more with the brands they engage with and places they experience

Satisfi Labs, the leading conversational AI platform for destinations and experiences, has just announced a patent pending for its context-based Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology. Satisfi Labs’ proprietary training methods for its NLP technology allow for a deep and wide understanding of questions and inquiries. The model employs a contextual algorithm that organizes natural language understanding concepts into tiers across global, vertical, sub-vertical, and local levels to allow for scale and granular accuracy.

Satisfi Labs is focused on enhancing the scope and specificity of conversational AI systems with the issuing of its patent. When handling inputs that are contextually similar but compositionally dissimilar, many systems see shortcomings. Satisfi Labs is overcoming these limitations using its new process.

Satisfi Labs provides its technology to sports teams, live event venues, attractions, destinations, and more. Just this past year, an example of some of the clients that Satisfi Labs added are: Indianapolis Colts, ESPN Events, Nashville Predators, Medieval Times, Visit Austin, Marquette University Athletics, Bromley Mountain, and Country Music Association. Using the shared training method which they call the network effect, Satisfi Labs is able to tap into its existing community of clients to recognize and train its concepts across verticals efficiently and effectively. The contextual response system can understand millions of variations of questions around the customer journey, which is why Satisfi Labs is the most used AI chat solution in sports, entertainment, and tourism.

“Coming from finance and algorithmic trading, Don and I saw a new way to handle training concepts and match them to specific responses,” said Randy Newman, CPO and Co-founder of Satisfi Labs. “We are thrilled to see that work turn into a patent pending technology as we see this new flexible system to be the future in providing more granular and accurate information at scale.”

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