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SAVVI AI and GainShare Performance Marketing Partner

The partnership leverages the SAVVI AI Machine Learning Platform to enhance GainShare's predictive performance optimization driving exponential client results.

GainShare, a full-service performance marketing agency based in North America, has partnered with SAVVI AI, the first low-code, end-to-end Machine Learning decisioning tool to create real-time predictive performance intelligence to optimize performance marketing investments. The partnership began in early 2022 to advance GainShare’s adaptive forecasting capabilities.

Working together with SAVVI AI, GainShare is leveraging their Machine Learning solution in combination with multidimensional data within the GainShare Performance Cloud data platform to deliver near real-time insights to optimize GainShare’s client performance marketing programs with precision daily.

For today’s complex marketing programs, performance reporting and delivering results is table stakes. Brand success requires both an understanding of past results and, more importantly, the ability to leverage that data for predictable day-to-day forecasting to refine strategies in real time across media channels, user experiences and marketplace/competitive factors. Together, the companies are advancing predictive analytics and real-time optimization to places not seen before in the world of performance marketing.

“GainShare uniquely benefits their clients by continuously improving forecasting and performance as a result of data-driven automation powered by SAVVI AI,” said Maya Mikhailov, CEO and Founder of SAVVI AI. “Using SAVVI AI, GainShare rapidly designed and deployed a comprehensive Machine Learning solution in a short time frame that is already producing measurable results.”

The business analysts and data scientists at GainShare worked with SAVVI AI to maximize the outputs and capabilities of SAVVI AI’s platform to deliver the highest levels of accurate performance decisioning. GainShare further utilizes the Machine Learning tool as a comprehensive solution to gain measurable insights into their clients’ business to further optimize on those insights in real-time, on a regular basis.

“SAVVI AI’s comprehensive tool elevates our organizational marketing solutions by providing near real time insights and speed-to-market value to our clients. GainShare is all about practical and scalable innovation, and most importantly, driving better performance and sales outcomes, which is more than just delivering dashboards,” says Matt Kelley, GainShare’s EVP of Performance Digital & Analytics. “We’re in the business of accurately and effectively scaling our clients’ marketing efforts with the highest level of return.”

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