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Sbi acquires Sales Readiness Group


SBI, a go-to-market growth advisory, today announced the acquisition of Sales Readiness Group (SRG), an industry-leading sales training company. SRG provides customized, skills-based training programs that produce sustainable behavior change. The acquisition aligns with SBI’s rapidly evolving offerings, focusing on commercial talent productivity, including playbooks, best practice guides, benchmarks, a new digital commercial talent assessment on SBI Pro, and strategic guidance from its consulting group. Additionally, the acquisition creates a complete offering for sales leaders challenged with maximizing A-player effectiveness and developing new hires.

“SRG complements our data and insight-driven consulting practice with customized training programs. The dynamic power of this offering empowers sales organizations with the know-how and the how-to,” commented Mike Hoffman, SBI’s Chief Executive Officer. “The move extends our impact model to span growth strategy, growth execution, and growth activation.”

Founded in 2008, SRG is a world-class sales training firm serving clients such as Navistar, Amazon Business, ABM, RR Donnelly, Smartsheet, and Infor, among others. Their services include virtual and live instructor-led training, sales management training, custom learning development, and e-learning deployment, all designed to improve sales productivity. SRG’s specific offerings include prospecting, selling skills, negotiation training, selling to executives, recruiting star talent, managing sales performance, managing pipeline, sales coaching, and sales leadership training. For over a decade, SRG has been recognized by Selling Power as one of the Top 20 Sales Training Companies for their ability to deliver high-quality training programs for their clients that consistently drive sales results.

“SBI is the definitive organization for go-to-market consulting. We have long admired their approach and expertise as an industry-leading growth advisory firm and we are thrilled to become part of the SBI team,” commented Ray Makela, CEO and Managing Director of Sales Readiness Group. “By leveraging our sales training capabilities to enhance and expand the SBI offerings, we are positioned to offer the market a powerful and unique full-picture solution.”

“The key to unlocking commercial productivity relies on superior operating conditions and front-line capabilities,” adds Hoffman. “With the addition of SRG, SBI is the first growth advisory to bring these capabilities together under one roof. SRG and SBI share a passion for improving the performance of their clients’ sales organizations, which can only happen when data, insight, and execution come together.”

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