Searchspring Announces Strategic Partnership With Shopware

Shopware merchants can now deliver the ultimate shopper experience with Searchspring’s advanced site-search, merchandising, and personalization capabilities

Searchspring, the global leader in site search, product merchandising, and ecommerce personalization, today announced a new partnership with Shopware, the leading global open source ecommerce platform provider. Searchspring is Shopware’s first U.S. partner to offer merchants advanced site-search, merchandising, and personalization capabilities.

Shopware is an innovative ecommerce platform that enables merchants to take a flexible, headless, and API-first approach to digital commerce. By layering the Searchspring technology on top of the Shopware platform, merchants can get the right products in front of the right person at the right time.

‘’Shoppers benefit from this partnership because their favorite online stores are easier to navigate, more personal, and more engaging,” said Stefan Hamann, Founder & Co-CEO, Shopware. “Searchspring as our first U.S. partner for site search, merchandising, and personalization is an ideal addition to our native offering.”

Merchants today need powerful tools to help shoppers find what they’re looking for on a website. Without the solutions from Searchspring, merchants risk losing conversions when a shopper cannot efficiently search the product catalog and make a purchase. Searchspring’s site-search, merchandising, and personalization technology transforms product discovery and guides users through the best shopping experience for their specific needs and preferences.

“Through this integration, merchants that rely on Shopware and Searchspring can quickly see increases in conversions, revenue, and repeat visitors,” said Chantele Gibson, senior vice president of global partnerships, Searchspring. “We are dedicated to helping merchants deliver the ultimate shopper experience and our partnership with Shopware ensures our ongoing success in this pursuit.”

To learn more about Searchspring’s innovative solutions and integrated partner ecosystem, visit

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