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Segal Communications Named Agency of Record for ATLAS: EARTH

Segal Communications

Today, Segal Communications, a full-service PR Agency, announced it was selected as the agency of record for ATLAS: EARTH, the largest virtual real estate platform in the world.

Segal will support the announcement of several substantial partnerships that connect real-world spending with virtual earning. ATLAS: EARTH is a unique metaverse that is mapped 1:1 over the real world. Players using its mobile-first app can purchase virtual parcels of real estate and earn rent that can be cashed out of the game. ATLAS: EARTH also incentivizes players to engage with real-world businesses, rewarding them for visiting and transacting at major retailers.

“We selected Segal Communications because, with so many former reporters on staff, they are quick to understand the nuances of the so-called metaverse and the value it can add to the real world” said Sami Khan, Co-Founder of ATLAS: EARTH. “We were introduced to Segal at the MetaBeat Conference and it was immediately apparent they spoke our same language.”

For Segal Communications, ATLAS: EARTH continues to build the agency’s portfolio of technology clients, which includes Runhood Power Inc, a module portable power station, and Relay, a B2B communication technology solution.

“ATLAS: EARTH is a Web3 pioneer that’s already building real value in the virtual world,” said Sarah Segal, Founder & CEO of Segal Communications. “We are grateful to have the opportunity to dive deeper into this emerging sector with a brand looking to create transformative solutions.”

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