Seismic Partners With Leading Investment Banks

Investment banks turn to enablement tech to drive digital transformation, attract fresh talent, and drive more deals

Seismic, the global leader in enablement, today shared several product capabilities to aid investment banks in their digital transformation journeys, including technology for content automation and distribution, AI-powered insights and analytics, social media engagement, and more. Seismic’s technology helps investment banks digitize core business functions, leading to more meaningful client relationships and increased employee productivity and efficiency.

According to recent data from SourceScrub, “digitally mature” investment banks – those with a sophisticated use of data and technology – close deals 3.5 times more frequently and generate internal rates of return (IRR) 8.8% higher than their peers. Investment banks can attract and retain the next generation of talent with the best-in-class technology that they expect at work, ensuring bankers are both productive and engaging with clients in the most effective and efficient way.

Seismic works with more than 315 banks and financial services firms worldwide, including one of the top three global investment banks by revenue, which utilize the following products and capabilities from the Seismic Enablement CloudTM:

  • Seismic for Microsoft PowerPoint: Seismic’s new seamless PowerPoint plug-in makes client prep work easy by keeping bankers inside PowerPoint and letting them pull in content as they mix-and-match slides to personalize their pitchbooks. Seismic for PowerPoint eliminates the tedious legwork associated with client presentations and pitchbooks, so bankers can use templates and search, filter, and preview content from marketing, peers, a CRM, company databases and more – all without ever leaving PowerPoint.
  • Digital Sales Rooms: Bankers can eliminate the back-and-forth of email attachments and outdated documents by creating permission-based digital deal rooms, a central content repository to keep assets current, monitor engagement, and stay compliant.
  • Content Automation: Features like Seismic LiveDocs and Guided Assembly help investment banks create personalized, digital experiences like pitchbooks, case studies, bios, and tombstones in an instant. Compile client-facing content with quick assembly, reusable components, and dynamic templates at scale – even those that require data integrations from CRMs and company databases.
  • AI-Powered Insights and Analytics: With Seismic’s AI-powered platform, Aura, surfacing meaningful data and analytics, banks can identify deal risks and measure content effectiveness. Gain insight into how clients consume content and what they are interacting with most, leading to more compelling content and faster-closed deals.
  • Social Media Engagement: Seismic is the only enablement platform to support social media client engagement and social content distribution with Seismic LiveSocial, enabling bankers to foster relationships and build trust by engaging with clients in multiple social networks with thought-provoking, client-centric content. Bankers can also share this content directly from Seismic via email and SMS.

Additionally, the Seismic platform includes more than 150 integrations to further optimize the value of banks’ tech stacks.

“During periods of market uncertainty, banks are looking for ways to increase efficiency and prepare for the future, and technology – specifically, enablement platforms – has proven to be the answer to greater banker productivity and smarter growth,” said Krish Mantripragada, Chief Product Officer, Seismic. “Every day, our products help hundreds of banks and financial services firms automate core business functions, relieving their workforce of tedious tasks and reducing talent burnout. Banks that want to thrive in the next era of digital transformation must view enablement as a strategic lever for their organization.”

To learn more about how Seismic’s technology serves the world’s leading investment banks, visit and download our guide, The Investment Bank’s Guide to Investing in the Digital Age.

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