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Seismic Wins 2019 Aragon Research Innovation Award for Sales Enablement

Seismic, the leading sales enablement platforms, has been named a winner of the 2019 Aragon Research Innovation Award for sales enablement
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Seismic, the market leader for salesforce automation platforms, has been named a winner of the 2019 Aragon Research Innovation Award for sales enablement Martech News.

This award recognizes the achievements of Seismic in leading the sales enablement industry on powerful content management, intelligence, and personalization. Content hosted in Seismic’s scalable content platform can be managed centrally by marketing teams and available to sellers from anywhere in the world, on any device. Sellers can automatically personalize content for any interaction based on what’s proven to be most beneficial for the buyer. Seismic also allows for more advanced approaches to content and customer engagement strategies based on insights into the content performance from intelligent analytics Martech.

Doug Winter, CEO and co-founder of Seismic said “Creating an exceptional, personalized content experience at every stage of the customer journey is a major challenge facing businesses today. When done successfully, companies not only appeal to specific needs and expectations of potential buyers but enable sellers to act as trusted advisors. We believe this award is the recognition that Seismic’s commitment to product innovation is allowing customers to use sales and marketing content as a strategic advantage and to drive a meaningful impact in achieving revenue goals through sales enablement.”

Seismic recently acquired Percolate, a leading marketing campaign orchestration, and content management platform. Now with more than 800 employees worldwide, including 300 in product and development and 250 in customer success, Seismic will continue to innovate its product portfolio and reinforce its efforts to enable marketers to deliver personalized and compelling content across every channel and customer-facing interaction. Seismic and Percolate grant marketers full control over how content is impacting buyer purchasing decisions.

These awards by Aragon identifies providers leveraging visionary use of technology to not just transform as markets change but to actively disrupt and inform how their markets will develop. Seismic was formally presented with the award on December 5th, 2019 at Aragon Transform, the annual Aragon Research awards ceremony. Seismic has previously been recognized by Aragon as a leader in the Aragon Research Globe for Sales Engagement Platforms three years in a row.

The recognition of an Aragon Research award winner is not an endorsement by Aragon Research of any product, vendor, or service.

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