Sellercloud’s Memaila to Simplify E-Commerce Customer Communication

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Sellercloud, a multi-channel e-commerce management platform with billions of dollars in ‘Gross Merchandise Volume’ (GMV), has released Memalia to helps e-commerce merchant streamline customer communication and reduce costs associated with order cancellations.

Memaila is a solution to the costly problem faced by all e-commerce merchants when buyers cancel an order, because the order may be processed and shipped by the time the seller sees the cancellation email. With Memaila, buyer-initiated cancellation requests automatically put the order on hold, so that the order is not accidentally shipped. This saves time processing returns as well as money spent on unnecessary shipping costs. Memaila is already integrated with Amazon, eBay, and Walmart e-commerce stores, with others on the way.

Another key feature of Memaila is that it enables order information to be embedded into the email footer, making it easy to know what the customer is referring to. Plus, any email correspondence is added to order notes in Sellercloud so that sellers have a thorough customer communication record. Sellers can also view their statistics and monitor how much time and money was saved by using Memaila.

“One client who used Memaila was able to save $14 per order on 330 cancelled orders, for a total of $4,620 in savings. With Sellercloud, we want to empower sellers with the tools they need to be successful. Memaila’s order cancellation feature will really help to make it easier to process cancellations or order changes, saving the merchant money and making the customer happy. We’re really excited about it,” says Jeremy Greenberg, Founder & CEO of Sellercloud

Memaila offers many features that make responding to customers easier than ever. It allows businesses to easily escalate or filter emails and respond from any mailbox while keeping personal email addresses hidden. Replies to customers are shown from the team email account, and not a personal account that a team member may actually reply from. Email threads make it easy to see if someone has already replied to a message, which avoids unnecessary duplicate emails.

Memaila connects to a number of key services, including Sellercloud, Slack, Amazon, and eBay accounts. Sellers are immediately notified when they receive a message on any of these accounts, and are able to quickly respond to customers. Messages will no longer go unread or be missed.

“E-Commerce merchants can test out Memaila with a free account that includes one shared inbox, one user, and one integration,” says Isaac Ponte, Marketing Marketing Communication Manager of Sellercloud.

The standard plan is perfect for small teams and offers five shared inboxes, three users, and two integrations. For larger teams, the bulk plan includes 10 shared inboxes, three users, and two integrations. The standard plan is $15/month and the bulk plan is $30/month, with the option to add additional mailboxes and users for an additional cost.

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