Semarchy and D3Clarity partner with Carahsoft


Semarchy, a master data management and data integration leader and D3Clarity, Inc, a top data management and cloud engineering expert, today announced a joint partnership with Carahsoft Technology Corp, the Trusted Government IT Solutions Provider®, to deliver an enterprise-class software as a service (SaaS) based data management platform for the Government and Public Sector.

Under the agreement, Carahsoft will serve as Semarchy’s Master Government Aggregator®, making the company’s cutting-edge solution, powered by Semarchy xDM, and operated by D3Clarity, available to Public Sector agencies through Carahsoft’s reseller partners, National Association of State Procurement Officials (NASPO) ValuePoint, National Cooperative Purchasing Alliance (NCPA), and OMNIA Partners contracts.

Semarchy’s xDM platform is also available through Carahsoft’s Distributor Seller of Record (DSOR) program in AWS Marketplace, which combines the benefits of the private offer feature from Amazon Web Services (AWS) with Carahsoft’s contract vehicles to provide customers a seamless acquisition process for their cloud-based products and solutions in AWS Marketplace.

xDM Data Management Cloud powered by D3Clarity’s Digital Data Foundation Platform with AWS computing capabilities, delivers a robust, secure, and reliable data management solution tailored for the Public Sector. The platform leverages AWS Well-Architected Framework of best practices for usability, security, performance, reliability, accessibility, and compliance. Government and Public Sector organizations can leverage Semarchy xDM’s comprehensive platform to address data problems including governance, master data, reference data, data quality, enrichment, and workflows, resulting in improved outcomes and operational efficiencies.

“This is Semarchy’s first offering for the Government and Public Sector and it is made possible through our partnerships with D3Clarity and Carahsoft,” said Brett Hansen, Chief Growth Officer at Semarchy. “Government agencies are often overwhelmed by data scattered in different silos without having the resources to adequately manage their data. This partnership represents Semarchy’s commitment to help with this need in a timely and cost-efficient manner.”

D3Clarity’s expertise in implementing Semarchy xDM solutions, combined with the benefits of SaaS and cloud-based infrastructure, ensures that clients can deploy their own xDM development environments quickly, promote data management solutions seamlessly, and secure their sensitive data to the highest standards.

“Working with Semarchy and Carahsoft, we are proud to deliver a solution that empowers Government and Public Sector organizations to overcome their data management challenges while enjoying the advantages of our SaaS-based platform,” said Preston Gregg, General Manager at D3Clarity.

“We are pleased to announce the availability of Semarchy’s xDM solutions through our contract vehicles and DSOR program in AWS Marketplace. Our partnership with Semarchy and D3Clarity strengthens our ability to provide comprehensive and innovative data management solutions to our customers,” said Edward Walinsky, who manages Carahsoft’s AI and Machine Learning Solutions. “We look forward to working with Semarchy, D3Clarity and our reseller partners to drive better decision-making and increased efficiency across the Public Sector.”

Semarchy xDM solutions are available through Carahsoft’s NASPO ValuePoint Master Agreement #AR2472, NCPA Contract NCPA01-86 and OMNIA Partners Contract #R191902.

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