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SendCloud provides Email Services to Jinjiang Literature City


Aurora Mobile Limited (NASDAQ: JG) (“Aurora Mobile” or the “Company”), a leading provider of customer engagement and marketing technology services in China, today announced that its subsidiary Wuhan SendCloud Technology Co., Ltd. (“SendCloud”) has entered into a strategic partnership with Beijing Jinjiang Original Network Technology Co., Ltd, which has developed and operates Jinjiang Literature City, a well-known original women-focused literature website in China. Leveraging its cutting-edge email technology, SendCloud will provide high-efficiency email services to Jinjiang Literature City. This cooperation confirms the industry-wide recognition and trust that SendCloud has received for the high-quality services that it provides to original literature websites.

With its stable and reliable email delivery infrastructure, SendCloud will help Jinjiang Literature City deliver emails to users quickly and accurately. Its powerful server architecture and distributed network effectively address the challenges of high concurrency and large-scale email delivery, ensuring the stability and availability of email.

Meanwhile, SendCloud’s commitment to and performance in security is of great importance to the email delivery process of Jinjiang Literature City. SendCloud implements strict security protocols, including identity verification, and robust spam filtering, to protect the personal information and email content of Jinjiang Literature City’s users. These measures effectively protect against malicious attacks and prevent information leakage.

In addition, SendCloud provides accurate and timely email data reports, enabling Jinjiang Literature City to comprehensively analyze and optimize the effectiveness of email delivery. By tracking key indicators such as send volume, delivery rate, and open rate, SendCloud helps Jinjiang Literature City better understand user behavior and feedback, accurately adjust email content and delivery strategies, and improve user engagement and retention rates.

In conclusion, with its stable and reliable infrastructure, efficient delivery mechanism, excellent security performance, and accurate and timely data reporting, SendCloud provides Jinjiang Literature City with a one-stop solution, enabling it to better interact with users and deliver information to further enhance its user experience and influence. In the future, SendCloud will continue to deepen cooperation with Jinjiang Literature City with more innovative email forms and services.

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