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Sendinblue Announces Rebrand to Brevo

Expanded company direction in response to the evolving needs of digital businesses as consumer preferences take center stage

The leading global all-in-one digital marketing platform for small to medium-sized businesses, formerly known as Sendinblue, announces its rebranding as Brevo to deliver on its mission to provide businesses of all sizes with a full customer relationship management (CRM) suite to power long-term, sustainable growth. This requires that businesses invest in technology to grow customer relationships at scale.

Since 2012, Brevo has set the pace for innovation and adding new features. In recent years, it has observed a change in the needs of its customers. Over the last three years, this trend has continued with a steady adoption of multichannel customer engagement. In July 2022, it conducted a survey revealing that 36% of respondents in the U.S. preferred that their email platform also provide customer communications in other channels. Sendinblue’s original offer was sending newsletters. Now, only 31% of its customers remain solely focused on this feature. This proves that businesses today need more because their customers expect more. They want businesses to personalize communications and tailor offerings in an ultra-digitized and rapidly changing world.

Modern businesses need more than traditional marketing tactics; they need full Marketing and CRM tools packed into one platform that meets customers where they are in real time with two-way conversations via SMS, WhatsApp, and chat. In recognition of the evolution to a full CRM Suite, Sendinblue has been renamed to reflect this more accurate description of its full capabilities.

“The pace of digital marketing and consumer behavior has required that we innovate and evolve to empower businesses to grow even during challenging cycles,” shares Armand Thiberge, Founder and CEO. “We have answered this call with an accessible, affordable solution that nurtures customer relationships and delivers growth at scale. The transformation into Brevo is an important milestone at the decade mark for our company. This expansion will carry us through the next 10 years as we deliver on our own ambitious growth goals. We believe in empowering businesses of every size to keep the global economy strong. This is why the name Brevo was chosen because it conveys positivity and encouragement. The new name is a rally cry for optimism and growth for our customers.”

With the new identity, Brevo stands out as the only all- in-one solution, with unmatched value for reliable customer support in a full CRM Suite that keeps brands GDPR compliant.

“The overarching goal as Brevo was to highlight our personality and unique value of our own branding. As the core element is growth, this theme is carried through in all visuals with a logo inspired by growing trees and language that reflects the expansion of our mission. Our primary color choice is green to evoke growth and secondary colors have been selected for each of our product offerings for ease of recognition,” shares Miri Blum, Global Vice President of Marketing.

Over the past 18 months, Brevo has surpassed $100M in annual-recurring revenue—all while staying EBITDA positive—via a stable organic compounded annual growth rate of 40%, and acquired six companies—Chatra, Metrilo, PushOwl,, Captain Wallet and MeetFox—to accelerate the delivery of features as customer needs have changed. Brevo has big plans for the future: to achieve $1 billion ARR by 2030 with a sharp focus on answering the business need for building stronger, longer-lasting customer relationships.

In a world where marketing encompasses the entire customer experience, Brevo puts the focus on lasting relationships with real people. Brevo is a symbol of thoughtful long-term investments in relationships rather than short-term sales because relationships are always the best investment for growth. Now every business has a chance to fulfill their potential.

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