Sendle Partners With GLS

New partnership means greater choice and reliability for underserved small business shippers
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Sendle, the first shipping carrier specifically designed for small eCommerce businesses, today announced a new partnership with GLS, expanding its powerful shipping service for thousands of small businesses. Part of the International GLS Group network that delivers two million shipments across the world each day, GLS-US is now teaming up with Sendle to give small businesses access to faster time in transit, competitive rates and reliable shipping, so they can thrive in a time of unprecedented eCommerce growth.

“The eCommerce boom has turned shipping into the new battleground for small businesses,” James Chin Moody, co-founder and CEO of Sendle, commented. “With GLS, we’re taking on the longstanding UPS and FedEx duopoly, and providing more shipping alternatives so small businesses can create a competitive edge at checkout.”

Sendle launched in the US in 2019 to reshape the package delivery landscape for small businesses, who have long been underserved by established players. Sendle has helped more than 800,000 small businesses globally streamline their operations with a reliable shipping service that outpaces the competition in simplicity, convenience and cost savings.

Small businesses win big with streamlined access to GLS network

COVID-19 drove a surge in eCommerce that contributed an additional $183 billion to online spending in 2020. Due to the heightened demand for eCommerce delivery, traditional carriers like UPS and FedEx have continually increased rates and peak surcharges, squeezing small businesses unable to meet the volume minimums where cost savings begin. Further, capacity shortages have driven the introduction of volume caps, leaving many businesses struggling to keep their operations moving forward.

As the demand on shipping continues to grow, it’s more important than ever that small businesses have reliable alternatives outside the major carriers. But shipping through multiple carriers can add too much complexity for small businesses to navigate on their own.

Sendle’s partnership with GLS is a major step forward in expanding its U.S. network to bring more choice to the market. It allows small regional shippers to gain seamless access to a diversified transport network that’s faster, more affordable, 100% carbon neutral and designed specifically for them. The service will offer next-day and two-day shipping across the West Coast for much less than it costs to send with UPS and FedEx, and will also include free pickups, powerful tracking tools and world-class customer service.

With pricing designed for small business, Sendle offers rates up to 88 percent less than the retail rates of major carriers. By partnering with GLS, small businesses can benefit from even lower rates when shipping to and from Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, and Washington.

The partnership with Sendle also signals a market opportunity for GLS to reach new small business customers, add volume to their networks, and enhance overall efficiency as a result. In addition to offering an end-to-end customer experience, Sendle also offers seamless integrations with leading eCommerce platforms including eBay, Shopify, Etsy, Squarespace and WooCommerce, making it simple for small businesses to ship, no matter where they sell.

“We know small business owners are extremely busy, and they need easy interaction with their carrier so they can spend more time on their business. GLS-US is the small business partner–we know we’re delivering their brand and that’s important. We are continuously expanding capabilities with the small shipper in mind,” says Millie Tarallo, Chief Commercial Officer of GLS. “We’re excited to partner with Sendle to back small businesses with a shipping alternative that’s optimized for them.”

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