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Sendoso Announces Enhanced Partner Program

Updates to Sendoso Partner Program Allow for More Streamlined Experience, Transparent Benefits

Sendoso, the global industry leader in direct marketing automation, today announced the launch of an enhanced partner program to provide greater support and more transparent benefits for its agency and technology partners. The updated program includes new payout and commission percentage and tiering structure to allow for a more formalized partner program. The new updates enable processes to be streamlined for greater efficiency, more clearly showcasing and defining program benefits and how Sendoso works with program partners at every stage of the relationship.

Sendoso also launched a referral partners program in which existing partners can earn commission for referring new companies into the program, whether they directly submit the referral or the referral arrives through traffic driven to the Sendoso website through referral links, articles, or reviews.

“Sendoso already had a very successful partner program, but after incorporating feedback from existing partners and customers, I could not be more excited to introduce a more enhanced program to deliver the best partner program in Sendoso’s history,” said Sendoso VP of Partnerships, Cory Snyder. “Whether through our integration and technology partners, or our agency partners, our customers will now have more, and better, access to what our partners offer.”

A scalable new program tiering structure will allow agency and referral partners to easily see what they are afforded with membership at each tier. The technology partner program features a negotiated commission structure with benefits including API/developer documentation, quarterly business reviews, the Sendoso Partner Academy, and more.

“From Sendoso’s beginning, we knew how important partners would be for our own growth, as well as the success of our customers, which is why it was so important to keep improving our program based on the feedback of our partners,” said Sendoso CEO, Kris Rudeegraap. “These partner program updates also represent a refreshed perspective from Cory Snyder and our team at Sendoso whose wealth of knowledge helped bring to life these changes to make Sendoso’s partner program world class.”

With Sendoso’s enhanced partner program, agency and technology partners will have every Sendoso resource and tool at their disposal to bring their sending and gifting needs to life. And Sendoso will be alongside its partners every step of the way, helping them become experts in driving sales, retaining customers and reducing churn to maximize ROI.

Sendoso will also now use industry leader PartnerStack as its partner management software tool to aggregate partner needs into one place for easier, more efficient management. With PartnerStack, Sendoso partners will have:

  • Access to sales and marketing resources
  • Badges to use and leverage in their marketing and on their website
  • Referral links to drive traffic and attribution back to them
  • An easier way to receive commission for referrals into the program

“Partnering with Sendoso has provided a powerful customer use case, and with these new updates to the program, we are ecstatic to see what new heights we can reach,” said Jake Morgan, Senior Partner Manager – Platform Ecosystem, HubSpot.

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