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Sensor Tower announced a series of leadership appointments


Global market intelligence leader Sensor Tower today announced a series of leadership appointments as the company scales operations to drive future growth and innovation.

“Sensor Tower continues to be a leader in market intelligence. Witnessing consistent double-digit growth and strong profitability, our vision is clear: to be the industry standard for market intelligence,” expressed Oliver Yeh, the newly appointed Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of Sensor Tower. “To deliver on this vision, we’re enhancing our leadership team.”

Key leadership promotions announced by Sensor Tower today include:

  • Oliver Yeh – Chief Executive Officer
  • Anthony Bartolacci – Chief Strategy Officer
  • Tom Cui – Chief Operating Officer
  • William Merchan – Chief Revenue Officer
  • Casey Ryan – Chief People Officer

“Our revamped executive lineup, with Anthony, Tom, William, and Casey in these pivotal roles, underscores our commitment to providing our customers with cutting edge and actionable insights,” said Yeh.

Sensor Tower also acknowledged transitions involving other key team members, including former CEO Alex Malafeev who will now focus on Sensor Tower’s AI advancements in an advisory role. Gabe Gottlieb, formerly the CSO, will be a board director for the company. CFO Sapna Kapur will transition to an advisory position within Sensor Tower to support financial execution. CMO Jeff Allen will depart the firm. In addition to the leadership changes, Sensor Tower announced a broader headcount reduction. Yeh said, “Though we are confident in the organization structure moving forward, we made the difficult decision to separate from a group of very talented individuals. We thank them for their contributions to Sensor Tower.”

Concluding, Yeh emphasized, “With these leadership enhancements, and the continued leadership from Mike Bohn as Chief Compliance Officer and Greg Rosen as Chief Product Officer, I’m confident in our capability to deliver unparalleled value to our customers and partners. The future is bright for Sensor Tower and this is just the beginning.”

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